Just Scored a 62" Walker SD deck "horse trade"

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by nosparkplugs, Apr 26, 2008.

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    I was at my storage facility today, unloading some grass clippings into my debris trailer; ironically their are several Lawn & landscape companies from the small guy to large companies with several trucks. Anyway this small guy has a 6x10 single axle trailer with a Home Depot Cub-Cadet ZTR, Toro walk behind and push mower three storage spots down. Guy walks over, and said the Walker dealer wants $100.00 a day to rent a Walker MT20 42" GHS. I have a large account that needs a Walker manicured cut, I was hesitant at first, we talked "small" talk, then I got talking about the larger Walker SD deck, he said I got a older MT26 EFI & 62" SD deck at a farm house next to the storage facility, I was like yah right? with some persuasion he convinced me to go look at the Walker SD deck. I could not believe what i saw an MT26 EFI with a 62" SD deck just sitting outside, uncovered under an large oak tree. The Kohler engine was blown, but the tractor is in ok condition he also has the newer light kit installed why i do not know;because the mower paint is faded yellow & the light kit is the never yellow. We dragged the Walker out from under the Oak tree.
    upon inspection for a deck sitting outside uncovered, for a unknown time the deck is in good condition, the top side took the majority of the weathering, I will get some pictures of the underside.

    He offered me the MT26 EFI with blown motor "horse trade" for cutting one other account, I'm going to do it also
    I got this deck for cutting 1 acre with our Walker. So it was "you could say" FREE:clapping:


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    Are you going to keep the tractor? Lets se some pics of that. Looks like a good deck.
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    I don't think you can go wrong there NSP!

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