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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Agreed too many things to consider and revenue is the best way to judge your day. Some days my set list of contracts has 20 plus some days 12ish but clear just about the same money.
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    I think a better question would be, solo guys, how much do you make on a good day....$300 is fantastic for me
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    I average $40 a lawn. Lawns are under 1/4 acre to 3/4. Including drive time I average 1 lawn an hour.

    I use a 21" SP and a 36" WB. The route is spread out. So I could be able to do 8 in an 10 hour day. Though I spread them out so I mow them over Monday through Thursday and mow half a day.

    Mowing is the stable income.

    It is the upsells that bring the $60 an hour gross.

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    Though at $60 an hour a solo can work 50 hours a week = $3,000.

    $3,000 week * 30 weeks = $90,000 Gross.

    Sounds easy. You will work 50 hours though you will not be doing 50 hours of billable labor. Though you lose hours to gas up, load, unload, hose off mowers. 50 hrs becomes 40 hours.

    Drive time 40 hrs becomes 30 billable hours.

    Now you are grossing $1,800 * 30 = $54,000 Gross.

    And you are able to do 30 hrs billable work each week because you are doing the estimates after your day is done, as well as sharpen blades, maintenance, repairs, paper work, book keeping are all done by you off the clock.

    You will be billing $60 an hour though when you include all of your off the clock work hours you will not be making all that great of a number.

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