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    For new members and/or anyone having problems using the search feature. In the upper left corner of every page you will find Help Registering and Participating and by clicking on that you will see that Chuck Keough has added the links to the post search pages that I did and also how to post pictures. Now you can always find it by just going there or my website. I hope this helps.
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    just to add to eric's thread. i was one of the people that was having a problem. at one time i was working with pierre-luc soucy he had sent me a url. it had worked with me for the search. since im on aol i copyed the url and paste it on top of the page whare all my short cuts are. im not sure how other isp's are set up, so you can add it to your favorites. but i must add eric does have a nice page thats in my favorites.



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