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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Collegiate, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. br549oicu8

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    I am planning to add the leaf pickup to our list of services this year so this thread is really a good one for me. I have decided on the ODB unit that is completely self contained. Link to it : http://www.xtremevac.com/details-scl-specs.html
    After some research I think there are so many "right" ways to set it up as far as machinery goes. My real question is the customers. What percentage of customers would you guess that used to do their own leaves now do part and have you do the rest? I have heard so many people mention....I don't mind raking the leaves but I HATE having to pick them up.
    We thought we would offer the full service leaf cleanup but also offer like you have on your rig..."Curbside Leaf Removal".
    Great plan....tell me more!!!us flag
  2. qualitylawnmanagement

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    Nice work man, keep it up!
  3. keepoffthegrass

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    Was wondering how much you charge for pickup only? If i do this i think i will give a deal such as first person this much and for each additional neighbour *this* much. then they can split the bill or i can bill them seperate.
  4. keepoffthegrass

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    Hi, I been looking into things, planning for this fall. I found the trailer I hope to get. It is a 12' or for another 1000 i get 14' which i dont think is worth it.
    I have my eye on a billy goat "18HP Heavy-Duty Pro Series Truck Loader" This is a B&S Vanguard V-twin. Will this unit be powerful enough or do you reccomend finding something bigger? I dont want the hassle of slow under powered junk that i will regret buying. Any info would be great. Thanks -------Korey

    PS. how high are the sides of your trailer? 6-7'?
  5. Collegiate

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    It depends on how many accounts you plan on servicing. How long is will run each day, etc. If you are as busy as i am i would go ahead and get a bigger vac. But if you are just starting out and trying leaf vacuuming go with the smaller one and do a test first. Hope this helps.
  6. Collegiate

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    I forgot to tell you, The sides of the trailer are the full 8' (size of plyboard)
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    hey Ben is that you're shiney new back hoe sittin out on your lot I saw today ? if it is and ya need some practice work, bring it on over. I have some dirt that could be moved around a little !!!! nice lookin hoe you have there
    buddy !!! call me some time
  8. Collegiate

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    Hey Lee
    Get with me first of the week. I have a new C7500 Kodiak with a 16' Dump Bed coming in Two Weeks. I am still working on the mulch blower. But yell at me Monday, I want to talk about a building!

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    Ben, Lee,
    I've been mowing in Salem and Glenvar the past few years. I've been spending some time on this site trying to find some new contacts. Could either of you email me at tshannon@roanoke.edu and maybe we could meet sometime and talk business. Thanks in advance. Just want to get in with the lawn care industry a little more.

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