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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lawns Etc, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Just sprayed my back yard to die. Planning on re seeding in ten days. Been using JDL team mates plus blend but not happy in my lawn with it. Looking to get away from the fescue at least out back. Its ma ostly full sun in south Jersey so need a cool season mix. Any recommend something else to try. I do have two labs and they do their part in destruction so I do seed every fall. I plan on putting down 600 lb lime prior to seeding and watering it in. Ph is currently 6 even.
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    40% TTTF, 40% Perennial Rye and 20% KGB. Use the best seed possible, seed at 6 Lb's total seed per 1000 sq. ft. Water three time's a day until grass is established.
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    I suggest Mustang 3. New Jersey bred. Heat tolerance and multiple disease resistance.

    But first--how come you were not satisfied with the Team Mates blend from JDL? Wide blade? Died out in heat? Disease problems? Insects? Clumpy? Poor recovery from dog traffic?
    It is important in the case of traffic situations to include about 10 to 20 percent Kentucky bluegrass as KBG spreads while tall fescue does not--no self repair.

    Do not include much perennial rye, (10 percent or less). It comes up really quick...HOWEVER...it is a non-spreader, and becomes disease prone if hot and humid--not suited for temps over 90. When planted with Kentucky blue or tall fescue, perennial rye crowds out the good seed--but then--later, it dies out in the heat.

    If you want Kentucky bluegrass--sod is the way to go, because otherwise, it is very difficult to start from seed. Very slow to start, takes about 18 months to fill-in.
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    The Team Mates plus is very disease prone and simply does not recover from the traffic at all. I had put in a local Black Beauty blend that lasted decent but was prone to the disease too. I live virtually across the street from the largest sod producer in NJ Johnson Farms so sod is cheap to me. They will let my drive the Autostack and fork lift them across the street.I have no problem seeding and waiting. I have done it before but the main reason i killed off everything is the dalias "sp"grass overtook this year out back. I get Blue or fescue under $.10 sq ft if I do the work. Its about 12,000 sq ft so its still quite cheaper by far to seed n wait. Esp if I re till the whole and strip all the old out and grade.I can do 75/25 heavy on the blue side. Thats what im thinking.
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    The sod we use is exclusively Black Beauty TTTF. Very happy with it even through our drought...sorry to hear it didn't work good from seed. I haven't tried the seed yet but hope to soon....it's very pricey here IMO,
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    PS i have 3 labs and the girl's pee is brutal on the turf !!!!!:cry:
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    Black Beauty is what it started as a few yrs ago and same results. Its grown as sod right across the street. Johnson Farms uses Jonathan Green Black Beauty 100% on their fescue sod.Ive been re seeding ever since. My front lawn stays great without the traffic from the pets and kids.

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