Just started company need help


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cincinnati ohio
I want to start a lawn care business this summer with my friend to start saving for college. I came up with the name College Fund Lawn Care with the slogan being either "cutting the cost of college" or "mowing down the cost of college".

Please let me know what you think of my name/slogan or feel free to email me at cbeach2315@yahoo.com


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I think you've got a great idea, I started mine to earn money for college but I love it so much I think I might go to college for landscape design or something! I think you should put some more thought into your name. People will see your business name before they see you. If they think your some inexperienced kid that's just doing this to go to college how will they trust you to mow their grass every week? How will they trust that if you shoot a rock through their window that you have insurance to cover that? And another thing you should think about is how will other guys in business look at you? The guys that do this for a living? Just giving you some things that came to my mind, not that your idea won't work. That's just my opinion. Good luck this season! Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk more.

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