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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by T-n-T Lawn Service, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. T-n-T Lawn Service

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    I am wanting to get started in the lawn maintenance business in Madison County Mississippi and am in search of a mentor or mentors.

    Some personal history. My wife and I are recently returning veterans from Iraq. When I left for Iraq, I was managing partner and President of Backflow Solutions, Inc., a business I started in 1998 with two partners. The company grew and we had several national accounts when I was called to active duty.

    When I returned in November of 2004 after being deployed for a year, I found the company in financial shambles. And, found myself out of a job. BSI continues to operate and my "trusted" partners have tried to force me out of the company. All legal stuff being handled by my attorney.

    I say all of this up front so you wil know who I am and what I am about. I am reinventing myself and I am convinced that now I want to enter the lawn maintenance field, concentrating on residential properties. But, I need information. So, with that, any mentors please drop me a note.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tom Conerly
  2. LawnMowerGuy

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    what do you need help with? what aspects
  3. T-n-T Lawn Service

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    Pretty much everything with getting started. This site has been an excellect source of information (the tips were great). I will begin as a solo operator (just me and my truck and trailer) and therefore would like to get some ideas about equipment needed to start-up. I have decided that i definately should start with a zero radius, but what is optimal deck size?. What are the best trimmers, minimal trailer size, - just about anything that those of you who have been in the business can pass along. Must have equipment and appurtances vs nice to have. What are reasonable expectations (how many lawns can one guy expect to reasonably mow, edge, trim, and blow in a work day), quoting (per sq ft?), contracts vs no contracts. I know I am asking a lot, but I want to do this right and don't see the need of reinventing the wheel or making the same type mistakes that others have. Not being lazy, just trying to learn from those of you who have the knowledge so I can get started right.

    Bottom line, what do the seasoned professionals wish someone had told them prior to starting in this business.

    Thanks again
  4. baja4wd

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    I've got a Gravely Walk Behind 40" cut and a Dixon 428 ZTR (42") cut & a 21" MTD yardman mulcher/ bagger (new) for sale $1200.00 for all. I am located in Brandon, MS.

    All mowers are in good working order, recently serviced etc. I am buying a new Gravely ZTR; so these must go. They would be excellent starting out. Gravely has a 1 1/2 old 14 HP V-Twin Briggs Commerical & the Dixon has a 12HP Industrial Commerical Engine. Neither uses oil etc. New blades installed and the Dixon has new drive cones installed in the transaxel. You can cut, edge, weed eat the average home in 30-40 minutes with this setup.

    Email me if interested for contact info.


  5. baja4wd

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    I apologize for posting my email, pelase remove if possible. I tried to pm TNT and was having trouble. If you have to remove the entire post I understand. thanks..
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    All you have to do is press the "Edit" button, then delete whatever you want deleted! :D
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    I see the edit button now, from this edited post however, I do not have that option on the orginal post.
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    Only for the first 10 minutes of a post. Since you just registered today you probably didn't know that and shouldn't be given others advise about how the site works just yet. :dizzy: YOu might want to SLOW down on the posting and do a lot of reading on here in your first little while aboard as that is what most do and you will learn volumes, esp since you have 0 years in this business. Good Luck.

    As far as PMing baja4wd and TNT ya'll haven't been members long enough yet so neither of you can PM yet. Once you have a certain number of post and time on the board the it will be automatically turned on for ya'll.
  9. baja4wd

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    Thanks for the advise, actually have 15 years in the business of property management and have been writing contracts with you guys for the past 10 years and overseeing the landscaping operations at multiple commercial properties in our area. Been as ya'll say a scrub since college, probably always will. The site does have ample information and very knowledgeable members; however it seems like with other boards you still have a few bad apples. Appreciate your insight. Join date was 6-6-05
  10. T-n-T Lawn Service

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    Appologize for lateness in replying. Have been in Pensacola (still on active duty until 17 JUL). However, with Hurricane Dennis coming in I evacuated and made it back to Mississippi yesterday.

    Would be interested in seeing equipment/talking with you. I will have to go back to Pensacola as soon as the storm passes, but will be back in Mississippi after 17 JUL.


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