Just starting in pesticides, need help.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hobbsd, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. hobbsd

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    I am getting certified in Wisconsin this month and will be doing pesticides, fertilizing, fungicides, herbicides, etc... for my clients. I have never done anything along these lines before and am not sure what I need to do.
    Some of my questions are-

    1. Where is a good place to order pecticides and fertilizers (I like lesco for alot of their stuff, how about pecticides?)

    2. What kind of contracts and legal documents should be made or signed by customers

    3. What kind of forms should be filled out when I do a job. And where do I get example or actual forms.

    4. What kind of signs should I put on the yard after the job.

    5. What are pricing standards. I really don't have a clue

    6. what are typical packages and season arraingements for customers. (how many applications etc...)
  2. olive123

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    you can just take a test and apply pesticides without any prior experience?
    Nothing against you but those are the kind of laws that give pesticides
    a bad name.
    Most of the legal questions you have should be covered in the core part of your licencing requirements.
  3. hobbsd

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    from west wi
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    I guess in Wisconsin we promote entrepreneurial ability and those who work hard to achieve things beyond their current means.
  4. olive123

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    thats a load of crud...improperly applying pesticides is very serious and when someone states that he knows nothing about it yet needs no experience to take the exam to apply pesticides is damn scarry.
  5. Fvstringpicker

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    Contact your state's department of agriculture. They can give you information on pesticide record keeping requirements and type signs to post etc in your state. Here in Georgia for example, you also have to leave a notice on the premises that you have made an application. As far as chemical, shop around, Lesco is a good source although maybe not the best source. Price of applications is dependent on the market in your area. You can get ballpark estimates by searching this site. Type of equipment etc. is dependent on the type jobs you're doing. These things are for certain; be sure you have adequate insurance coverage, you keep records accordance with your states requirement, you meet all safety, environmental and protective equipment requirements, and you properly dispose of unused chemicals, mixtures, and and rinsate
  6. J Hisch

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    I think he is wrong about no need to have experience criteria, State Pesticide use is regulated by minimum standards which are set by the EPA.
  7. NattyLawn

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    Didn't Wisconsin eliminate pesticides in some counties or towns because of all the qualifed pesticide applicators with "entrepreneurial ability" that poisoned streams and rivers?

    There are Starting in Business forms and such...Look in them before looking for the quick answer.
  8. hobbsd

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    from west wi
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    Ok, I think their is a misunderstanding here.

    Wisconsin has a very lenient pesticide program. They have like 5 people that work in the state pesticide training and application office. There is virtually no information on anything here!

    I have a lot of good Ideas on the questions I asked, but I wanted to know from the professionals who have been doing it for a while what they have adopted as the best way to do things (isn't that what this site is all about?)

    If someone could please just let me know what kind of forms, receipts, and recorded documents need to be filled out, and even more than that, perhaps let me see an example of one so that I can have a chance at making one up, I would be very grateful.

    Thank You,
  9. The Ranger

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    Look to your county extension agent @ the county extension office for information.
  10. Fvstringpicker

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    I don't think they're as lenient as you think they are. This stuff is controlled by the EPA. If you can't find anything from your state, contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture or the University of Georgia's Department of Agriculture and get a copy of "Applying Pesticides Correctly"

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