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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Hodge, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Hodge

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    Well I just passed the Texas Dept of Ag testing process and am interested in establishing a well rounded application program.

    The sp of grass that I mostly deal with is Bermuda and the properties are appx 8,000 sq... but never mind that. Went to lesco looking for a liquid program but they stated you would have to apply granular as well not only a liquid application. Is this for slow release reasons?

    The program they recommended for out clay soil and hot weather is....

    Pre-M 25 2 5 from Feb 15 - April 15

    Momentum 21 - 0 - 12 from May - Jun 15

    Fert 28 - 3 - 10 (w 4.5 FE) from Jun 15 - July 30

    Fert 30 - 0 - 10 (w 2 FE) from Aug 1 - Sep 30

    an another Pre-M of 19 - 0 -19 from Sep 15 - Nov 15

    how does this look to everybody else?

    Is there a product that is great for problems now ie Henbet, poa, crabgrass.. They stated I would need to tell the customer to wait until it warms up before these plants can be controlled and then to deal with them in the winter with pre m's.....not something I am will to deal with especially if I can make some money on them now?

    Be kind to me as this is a learning process for us all. But all comments are welcome... Thanx

    :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
  2. Hodge

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    anybody going to respond??????????
  3. TSM

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    only reason i can think of for lesco telling you that you will need to apply granular is because thats what they sell. you can get slow release N in both liquid and granular formulations.

    since i'm in the northeast, i cant comment on the program they recommend, i'm a cool season turf guy.

    guess i'm not much help
  4. Hodge

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    Thanks for the response, at least now I know about the slow release for liquid apps.

    Any TX applicators out there or at least warm season, clay 'soil' that would like to comment?
  5. LP

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    I'm from the memphis tn. area and bermuda is the grass of choice, here is one of many programs:1. jan-feb- pre-m 2 qts per acre or dimension wp 3oz per acre and three way @ 2qts. per acre. 2.march-april: same as app. one. 3. may-june 34-3-11 slow release 3lbs. per thousand. and msma 1oz. per 1000. 4.june-july same as app. 3. 5. july-august same as app 4. 6. oct.-nov. simizine @ 2qts. per acre. and 0-0-62(potash) @ 2.1 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft..

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