Just starting out in austin

Daniel Camarena

LawnSite Member
Hello guys, ive been a long time reader here but just recently decided to become a member.

Me and my cousin (more like a brother) started mowing lawns a couple months ago to earn some extra income on the side. We both work at the same place fulltime and we both had mondays off so we decided to start mowing. Its a little harder staring out with 2 people splitting the money but it works out because since both of us own the "company" we both feel obligated to work hard and grind. Our plan is to grow to a good amount of customers and then each have their own route with a helper to keep more profit.
Sound like a good idea?

Our setup is a 12ft landscape trailer, 2 honda commercials and a stihl weedwacker and a stihl backpack blower. Our average lawn is $45 but we have a couple big ones we charge $130 bi weekly.
Its growing slowly but growing, and we are blessed to have good customers, really nice people.

Any tips for a 2 person owned company?
We get along really good, he takes care of equipment and makes sure they are running in top shape and i take care of spreading the word. Getting customers and making sure we get payed.