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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by chadslawncare, Oct 9, 2010.

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    ^^^^ Now That is good advice!!!
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    Also, since he purchased all the equipment new, he is even more upside down in the hole. Equipment and trucks are a depreciating asset, usually 20% the first year, which means his 60k setup is worth 48k at best (60,000 X 0.20), not to mention the 60k debt.
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    Welcome to lawnsite Chad and best of luck.

    My advice for what its worth is this. You must survive. Lots of competition but survival is the crucial thing at first. Learn that math is your friend. Try to make a profit (many omit this). Be legal and safe. Enjoy the ride no matter where it goes for you only go around once.
  4. The LawnRanger

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    Nice set up working for yourself best move anyone can make wish you best of luck
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    I second this, have fun chad.:waving:
  6. The LawnRanger

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    I come from 3 generation of Lawn care professionals and You have to spend money to make money if you never take a chance in life then you willnever know I started out the same way bought good equipment and ran with it was I scared to lose my @ss YES but I stayed positive and worked hard Last years gross was 280,000 on my original 20,000 dollar investment I made 5 years ago Dont regret it at all So young blood take your equipment and truck and go out and show them. Don't Hate Congratulate
  7. Graveslawncare

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    Looks like you know how to pick equipment (Although I would have gone with Chevy :rolleyes:), so that's a good quality to start with. I don't want to be the tenth echo in the forum, and I don't want to tear you down, but a quick word of caution: Be careful about spending more than you make.

    You probably have more money in your equipment than I have in the equipment I have accumulated over 8 years of business. I don't know your whole situation, so I don't want to pass judgement, just a word of caution.

    Also, buy more stuff used. A 36k truck you probably could have gotten for 20-25k used with 20k miles on it. That's a BIG savings with little sacrifice. Same goes for mowers. My hustler Super Z would cost around 11k new, but I bought one used with only 500 hrs on it for $4500. Again, that's big savings with not a whole lot of sacrifice. Read some Dave Ramsey, and listen to the wisdom of guys on this forum who have a lot of experience in the business.

    I wish you luck buddy, and I sure hope we get to see you posting next spring saying you have 70 accounts and all your stuff is paid off and you are in the money. Like someone else on here said, keep those blades spinning and that plow pushing. Best of luck to you! :drinkup: :waving:
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    nice equipment, nice truck. dont let these guys get you down, truth is there is plenty of buisness out there and you may know something they dont. just a little word of advice i got recently. advertise. get your name known. this is what you need to grow. good luck.

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    chad my statements were not to get you down what so ever,i wish you the best of luck.your stuff looks awesome.the would of should ofs are behind you so just do good quality work and never give up.Dave Ramsey will be a big help.
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    Thanks for all of the "advise" and encouragement.
    I also have fabricated a tool holder for the back of the truck. I bet some of you could use one of these maybe.

    IMG_0221 compressed.JPG
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