Just starting out..what would your set-up be?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JAG'S LAWNCARE, Oct 21, 2004.


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    Hello all.I have been reading this site for a lil over a week now.And i like to ask a question here.
    If you were just starting out,with 125 accounts,and it was just you and another person,what would you"re set-up be on your trailors? I guess what i'm asking here is what equitment would you be using for this work.All residental props and a few strip malls.
    Also, what percent of gross per lawn or profit is the lowest a person in this field should risk?
    I'm new to this forum and i really appericate any thoughts that you all might have.As i read on from post to post,i get a lil more info of all the in's and out's of this great trade.Thanks and have a great day. :)

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    First of all how in the world do you and another person plan on maintaining 125 accounts? Is this all in a week long period? Personally I think this post may be a little phony but whatever the case. I run eight crews right now and they're doing 80 yards a week. That's just a two man crew. All of my mowers are Toro ZTR's and walk behinds. They range from 21" up to 72"s. I have found that Stihl makes the best weed eaters. And the blowers are all Echo PB 602's. Personally I would recommend that you start out small and work your way up. You don't want to overload yourself. Just do incredible work and BE HONEST with your customers and you will be amazed at the amount of people they'll recommend you too. Bottom line, do good work and be honest and eventually the money will come. Be patient. That's my two cents worth. Hope that helps.
  3. I know this is your very first post. Welcome to Lawnsite!
    Like a lot of first time posts, it's too general to get good replies.
    I'd also be nice if you were to restond when you do get replies.
    I'll try to answer what I think you asked.

    If I were just starting out I'd get equipment specific for the market I was targeting.
    You're not just starting out if you have 125 accounts, are 38 years old and have been in the business 5 years. You should probably be giving more advice than you are getting here.

    To target the market you're talking about, a ZTR and a walk behind. Is that what you have already?

    The only constant I've seen here at lawnsite is to get commercial grade equipment. No specific brand size or type.

    I don't know what you mean when you said: Also, what percent of gross per lawn or profit is the lowest a person in this field should risk?

    Most try to gross $60/hr for man & machine.

    Is this helping any?

  4. JustMowIt

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    125 lawns a week with 2 men is very possible. 25 a day Monday-Friday small lots that are well routed. I will say that sounds a little odd for a new company. Usually a new company has accounts that are very spread out versus being well routed.

    Those 80 lawns a week must be huge properties!!!! Am I reading this right? It is taking 8 trucks, 16 workers, and a variety of ZTR's to mow 80 lawns? Those must be large, high gross properties. Two men & a truck should gross 3- 3.5K weekly, so those 80 lawns are grossing 24K-28K weekly?

    That is around $300-$350 per mowing!!!!! We mow $25-$30 lawns, so I have no idea about these high dollar properties. ;)

    Did I read this wrong? Is it 80 lawns weekly per truck? That sounds much closer?
  5. out4now

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    How did you get 125 accounts already? ;)
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    Thinkin' you might have miss read it... or maybe I did? Sound to me like he meant EACH 2/man crew is cutting 80 lawns per week.... so that's what??? 8 Trucks goin out and cuttin' 640 lawns a week... average lawn $30.00??? Yikes... $19,200.00/week ... nice pay day.
  7. JustMowIt

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    Your probably right! That sounds better, we have 2087 accounts and mow about 1775 of those each week with 3 man crews, 10 mow crews & 1 bush/bed crew. Our average is around $25 with all the high end mows & discounted mows mixed together.

    Why would he run 2 man crews? That requires having soooo much more equipment & trucks (our truck insurance is 19.5K liability only annually, 12 trucks).

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    Hello guys...No this isnt a phony post either.Past month and a half i have been out getting new accounts for the start of the 2005 season.I know ALOT of people in the columbus area and just have been lucky in landing a few homeowners who own more than 15 props.
    As for the 5 years in the business,i meant as doing it part time.And during that period,I was only doing about 11 props max each year.
    But for the 2005 season,I'm goin full-stream ahead with this.I figure with me and another man,doing 25 props a day,the area is tight that i could still almost have fridays afternoon off..ha ha..wishful thinking on my end.
    With the props all almost being under 1/4 acre, what mowers would get the work done faster and better? Which one's to go after or stay away from,mowers that is.
    Like i said,I'm new to this forum and I appericate andy help that is thrownin my way.Have a great day.
  9. grassyfras

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    It sounds sort of like my set up. Since your doing 125 lawns i'm assuming you can afford to go hydro. Maybe get a 32" if you have gates and a 52" IF you dont have gates maybe go with a 48 and 52.. I would think walkbehind would get it done. No need for riders but I have no experience with them on such small properties. Get some big backpack blowers in the 500 dollar range. Dont buy any weedeater that is semi-commercial otherwise your in good shape. Save some money.

    JAG'S LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    Thanks grassy...Your reply is the type I am looking for.How was your season this year?

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