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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bulldawg lawn care, Jun 22, 2007.

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    My uncle has been in the lawn care business for about six years. Ive only been in it for about 2 months. Is there any advice that you guys could give me, or any tips that i could use as ground rules to the lawn maintenance business
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    read this hole website or as much as you can, Did you work with your uncle at all? do you have knowledge of the business if not read read read and read some more, go to seminars, take a class or two, and just go out and do it, perfect practice makes perfect lawns. Don't get yourself down the first couple of years will be ruff but keep at it, and it helps your uncle is in the business to help you along the way.
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    Do the best job you possibly can, and be polite to all your customers; you will keep or lose a lot of jobs based on your 1) work, and 2) people skills. Perfect these two things, and you will have a succesful business.
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    Many people get into this business because it seems like a sure thing, relatively low start up costs, plenty of work & the potential to earn alot of money. However it's not as easy as it appears on paper, marketing needs to be done, clients needs to be obtained & the work can be hot and frustrating.

    Clients are usually obtained in the 30 or 40 per season rate not the 100+ per season rate as some would like to believe. As you obtain clients others leave due to moving or other factors. Equipment will break down periodically and you'll need to be able to keep going without interruption. Invoicing can get frustrating as you have usually paid for all first months expenses before you see a dime from your clients and your money will seem to trickle in at a slow rate, meanwhile your payments are coming due on your equipment purchases and you better have a plan for winter or put enough money away to get you through it.

    Many startup companies get discouraged at this point and seek other opportunities. My advice would be to fully understand what you are getting into before getting started, the grass is not always as green as it may seem.
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    Havent been in this biz solid yet. I did a few customers last summer and now That Im out of school I am just getting into it semi-full time.
    One Thing I can tell you is since your just starting, You dont need the very best of equipment! If you ask around to different small owned lawnmower shops about used mowers, You will get a good deal! Also Call around to different landscaping businesses and ask if they have any equipment for sale. I know a few guys that sell there riding mowers every year and write the new ones off on there taxes.....
    I found a ZTR mower for $500.00 that was 2 years old. Yeah its a home edition and there is WAY better equipment, but it was worth all of the phone calls and searching to find one.
    Needless to say, You will need a backup mower and since your starting out,like me, I would say get a pushmower. Yeah It will take you 10 times longer to finish your yards but atleast you will have some what of a backup plan.
    Another thing I have found that my customers like is how I not only cut but I keep up there lawns... If there is some grass growing in the cracks of there driveway or in there flower bed, I spray small amounts of weed killer just to keep everything clean. You dont have to do anything major. Just an extra 2-3 minutes of cleaning on each yard makes them happy.
    What Wells said above. (I havent found out yet from experience) I did a small winter plan while Purchasing my equipment. My pushmower is a bagged mower and has a mulching attatchment. I will use this to mulch peoples leaves during the winter. My riding mower is failry new so Its easy to find mulching attatchments for it also.

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