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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by robert fling, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. robert fling

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    thank you to anyone who helped me with my pricing question previously posted. this will be my first year in business, i currently work at an advertising agency and feel that my expertise here should come in handy picking up new customers. my question now is i will be running a 36" scag walk behind, a 21" toro, blower, trimmer and ass't. hand tools on a 6x10 trailer. my truck is a '96 dodge 4x4. my concern is the truck, will a pick-up suffice my first year? should i buy mulching blades for my scag so i dont have to bag and worry about hauling away grass? what about clean-ups in the spring and fall? a pick-up cant carry all that much. any suggestions to make my first year a little easier?
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    The pickup and trailer should work out good for your equiptment.
    Actually I have a 6x12 trailer and have a tool box that uses 2 ft., and fit a 48 inch turf tracer and a lazer 52 in. hp.
    I don`t know if scag has a mulching kit, but the mulching blades work well in the leaves. I think the mulching blades don`t do reaql well with wet thick grass. I double cut when grass is tall & thick and sometimes will use bp blower to spread it out, and never had to bag and haul away grass. In the spring I will see other lcos with the bed of pickup full of grass, YUCK:( For the spring and fall cleanups mabey go over a couple times and then bag whats left, and put into 45 gal bags to haul away.
    Good Luck.
    mabey a search on scags might give you info on mulching or something else.
  3. PAPS

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    I've been in business for 7 years and we still use our couple pick-ups for everyday maintenance here and there... so to answer your question... YES
  4. thfireman

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    A pick up has worked for me for over 11 years. I use high vac blades in the cutting season and Gator Blades in the leaf season. Then I use my bagger to pick up the mulched leaves and put them in my truck. This compacts the leaves so I can get more on board. Never put leaves on your trailer if you are going to load a hot mower on the trailer at the same time!!:blob2: This comes from personal experience...
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    good answers here. you should also keep in mind that if you are mowing with woods nearby, you could alwys put the debris into the woods as well. provided the customer doesnt have a problem with this.

    some customers may not even have a problem with you putting other peoples debris into their woods as well. i would just make sure they dont mind, and spread out the tarps, or barrels in different areas so as not to have one huge pile.

    of all our accounts, i would say we bag 10% of them, and most of those are bagged on the second cut only. bagging grass has, for the most part, become a thing of the past. we charge extra if so desired.
  6. Tim Canavan

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    If you have to bag the grass, leave it on the property at a designated place by the customer. The garbage men should pick it up. If it's a big clean-up, ask the customer if the garbage men will pick it up or not. If not charge them a dumping fee and take it to the dump yourself. Hope this helps.

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