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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Keeper57, Apr 8, 2019.

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    this is a great idea honestly. talk to other companies and if they are too busy to take on new people maybe they will send them your way. also you can hit up real estate places and see if they have any that need done temporarily just to get seen and your work out there.
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    We use Facebook ads. You can pay to "boost" them and it appears on on local Facebook timelines. We also have gotten a lot of hits on our website. We have used the newspaper in the past and have been hired by the generation that still reads it.
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    I printed a shirt that says on back "ask and you shall recieve, Lawn service. park my truck, with magnets, outside bingo hall and play bingo with the old ladys. Hand out cards. make friends, and customers.
    It's good because old ladys are usually trustworthy, cant do it themself, they also cant trim shrubs, pull weeds, lay mulch, dont have energy to call other lawn services, and pay in cash or check, so no cc fees. Most actually care about having a nice lawn.
    The shirt is nice because, it's a conversation starter, and a call to action, and states what I do.
    That's how I advertise, I also do it at the American legion, mostly old men, who want a nice lawn, want to support a fellow veteran, and get the "military discount". That's the only way I advertise.

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