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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by colehatch, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. colehatch

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    Hey folks....new to the site and am excited about finding it. I've found a ton of information on things I've been questioning with regard to starting out. Seems as though there are alot of knowledge people here who are very helpful and courteous to us just starting out. I'm going to keep the day job and start small and hopefully expand in 05. I just registered the dba and the business name is Lakeside Outdoor Services. I'm hoping I'm going to be able to go full time with this in the future. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the great and informative posts!!!

  2. steve in Pa.

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    If your serious about landscaping don't be like all these other part timers doing this on the side and totally screw the real full time legit scapers in your area by lowballing the jobs. Charge what the going rate is for your area. There's nothing i hate more is when bidding a job and not recieving it to only be beat out by a part time scaper charging way to low of prices. When this happens it hurts everybody. I lose work and they usually go out of business the following year. Find out what the local scapers are charging and use those prices to get you in the ballpark!
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    Steve in PA:

    Sorry if my post gave you the impression that I was going to make any attempt at low balling others in the biz. I certainly have no intention of doing so. I'm starting small because I'm an IT guy who has an obligation in a consulting contract through late spring which would be too late to get things rolling full time this year. I'm going to pick up a hand full of mowing accts this summer and start getting use to running it on a small scale. Then hopefully take it full time next spring. The main reason I even wrote a post at all was to say hi (b\c I'm new to the site) and thanks to the folks here for all the great info.

    Take Care,
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    Welcome Cole it’s nice to meet you. And I didn’t get the impression you were gona low ball from your post but it is 3 am and I could just be sleepy heheheh. So have you done any landscaping for anyone else or are you going to try to learn as you go? I happen to know quite a few full time landscapers in my area that started as part timers with full time jobs so it clearly can be done. Its just a little harder to do it that way. It just so happens my partner was an IT guy as well who got sick of bouncing from job to job so welcome to the trade.

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