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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Danible, Aug 7, 2004.

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    I have been lurking and reading everything I can get my hands on, and I want to say thanks to all, great site. I work as an Engineer for one of the big three, but am getting tired of working 10 - 12 hour days for 8 hours pay. So my buddy and myself decided to try our hand at lawn care, just basic mowing and blowing. I sent out 60 fliers to churches and to a neighborhood with $500k and up homes. And wouldn't you know it we got calls on three of them, one house and two churches. Went and estimated the house for $60/wk about 15k sq-ft, with a lot of trimming. And the churches are between 1.5 and 2 acres, pretty straight forward, quotes $500 and $650/month respectively. Did this in one afternoon after work. I am pumped up, we got the accounts. Before we invested in any equipment we wanted to see if we could get any clients this late in the season. Looks like we can. So today, I will be going to get a ZTR and a commercial blower.

    It didn't hurt that I did the quotes with my work clothes on; wingtip shoes, slacks and buttoned down shirt, and pulled up in my Lincoln Navigator. Actually the residently property owner, made the comment about mowing grasses must pay pretty well, after seeing me pull up. Kinda of funny, wife got a kick out that.

    Again thanks to this site, my learning curve would have been much steeper.
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    Good luck........................and welcome to LS

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    Image works both ways, if you dress sharp and drive a nice car, they think you must be doing well. If you're all sweaty and covered in grass and coffee stains, they think you are working hard.

    Good luck, sounds like you got some nice accounts.
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    Hoolie -

    I agree whole heartedly, and I represent both of those senario's, grew up on a farm.
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