just starting this year without a plan

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by irishgoldcleanups, Jan 30, 2007.

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    well im not new to landscaping but am new to it as a business owner.
    i've been on lawn site for a while. because a couple of years ago i statred a rubbish removal service. business was great for a while but was no steady. so this year i decided to start lawn maintenance . and target commercial properties only.

    equiptment i have so far is.
    1996 dodge ram 1500 6ft. bed
    2004 haulmark enclosed 7x14
    1998 scag 48"
    2004 bradley 36"
    2004 stihl br600 backpack
    assorted hand tools

    please help all advice is welcome. for starters how do i solicit commercial work?

    seely dr no. babylon truck 008.jpg
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    I like your name (we're Irish too), but I'm not gonna pay you to cut my lawn. You might have less trouble getting some residentials to start out, then work up from there. Of course we're a design/build contractor, so that might not make any sense to a maintenance company. There's always tenders in the paper, or cold calls?

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