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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by corkytb, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Im thinking about starting a small lawn care business for the remainder of the summer, just cutting small lawns to get my feet on the ground. I have talked to a couple of people trying to get some info before I start. I have a self propelled mower with a bagger/mulcher, weed wacker, blower, and a truck. I don't mind having a small resiedential mower for this year as I am not looking to rake in a huge amount of cash til' the next season. The question I have is how to price a job. I am going to try to keep advertising to communities with small lawns so I am not overwhelmed. Should I charge by the foot, 1/4 acre or what? And after I determine that, how do i determine how big the lawn is... Do I actually take the time to measure it or do i guesstimate? Also, how do I figure in gas usage and time... Thank you all for the input.
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    We guess at it but do have 30 years at guessing. The game is to find out what people are paying and if you are starting out go a little higher. I think it is not necessary to try to figure out your cost at this stage just keep overhead as low as possible and bid high. If you don't get any yards lower the price.
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    I agree set a price you think is fair for your time and effort. You'll learn pretty quick what is working for you and what isn't. Hell I just burned myself on an account by bidding it TOO LOW. It is being done as a favor for my mom's good friend and that is how i manage to mow it each week for about $20 less then what I should be getting. When you do bid remember trees, bushes, Swing sets and pools can slow you down and make more work for you.
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    Hey, that's pretty good advice. I'm still trying to get a feel for it. I priced a lawn the other day about 8000 sf 45.00 and the lady said does that include edging?

    I said yes, she said that's preety good. I have one across the street I mow for a couple that lives in TX also for 45.00.

    Now if I could get eight more on that block I'll be doing pretty good.

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