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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by landshark71, Mar 21, 2005.

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    hey guys, were just starting a busines down here in summerville sc. can anyone give some opinions on the best way to start building a client base, like what types of advertising have worked best for you. im also looking to get some commercial accounts as well. we have 1 customer so far after our first 2500$ add campaign. if that was a commercial account i might say it was worth it. thanks.
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    I'd say just starting out, mass numbers is what you need.
    going door to door to get yourself seen, and talk to as many people as possible, and you should be able to generate some business.
    1 customer from $2500 spent sounds like something went wrong.
    you could probably print up 1000 flyers on some card stock, and hand them out yourself for around $100, and get a few calls from it. you have to think creative, and get peoples' attention.
    if you do a search, you can get a lot of ideas from this site on ways to advertise, and places to get things made.
    don't give up though, simply learn from your mistakes.
    might want to post what you guys did with the $2500 to get some criticism about it. it's the only way to grow, and that's to learn.
    there's lots of good people on here that can help make your company successful if you want it to be.
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    this is the postcard we sent out last month. 7,000 of them to postal codes that we hand picked from driving around the area. got a total of 10 calls from them 1 maintenace the rest construction type calls. installing flower beds, moving topsoil around and seeding ect. gave them all pretty good estimates but no takers. the 1 guy we did a super cheap spring cleanup for signed a maintenance contract. we basicaly just want maintenance customers right now to get a solid income base. I can see from our flyer that we should have stressed the maintenance aspect and offered a low price spring cleanup with a contract. the problem with advertising on a large scale right now is that the updated phonebooks that our company will be in doesnt come out till august and the local flyers that go to every home in our area 45,000 doesnt go out again till june. so i guess goin out and busting our butts putting flyers on doors is our only option right now. The grass here isnt really growing yet so im assuming people will be more receptive when it does. any comments?

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    Hi landshark71,

    I just looked at your postcard and they are really top quality. Nice work.

    If you are looking for more flyer and door hanger ideas to send out, here is a collection for you.

    Here is a list of ideas on how to get new customers.

    I hope they help you!
  5. the ace

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    Yea I would say something went terribly wrong! Last week I got my flyers back from the printers, nothing fancey 2,000 for $106.18, I delivered about 400 and signed six new contracts. Sometimes it's not how much you spend but how much thought you put into where your going to spend it. Flyers are primative and time consuming to do, but they are cheap and do get results. The thing I like about flyers is I can concentrate on an area to get my mowing clients grouped and make my routes for the week much easier with minimal drive distance between them. With the price of gas these days this is a major factor! :D

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