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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by bran3225, May 12, 2008.

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    I am just starting out and just wonder how much i should charge people per sg foot. I am paying 2.60 a gallon mixed. Also is the cold crack sealer alright to use that comes in 5 gallon pails? One more question how often do the tips have to be replaced on the sprayer. o ya where is the best place to purchase tips and is ceramic worth buying?
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    1. Only you can calculate your prices. Your total cost plus a profit=cost you charge. We don't know your insurance, labor time, etc.
    2. Never buy pre-mixed sealer. You give away your ability to control quality & you are paying $2.60 per gallon for the water used in the mix (at least 20 gallons of water in 120 gallons of sealer--expensive water 20 gallons @ $2.60 per gal.)
    3. Cold crack sealant might be alright if you clean the cracks really well and use a very good quality sealant AND are in a "southern" climate(no hard winters) but the stuff in 5's is usually crack "filler" it just fills the crack and will not expand & contract. So it will look OK to the customer for a while but won't "seal" the crack.
    4. Mail/call/on-line order ceramic tips from USA Tips, they are the best and worth it if you take good care not to break them before they wear out. Steel doesn't spray as pretty but won't break. Ceramic will last a LONG time but will break if dropped directly on the tip.
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    Thanks for the info can you give me the web site for usa tips or a phone #

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