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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Countryboy, Sep 23, 2003.

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    New guy startign up,any advice welcome,this is just a part time since I'm still in college but i do work grounds maintanence at a college, but I am planning to start a small part time lawn service, no big plans, cos I'd go bankruppt competing against competetion. But it is probably about the end of mowing here, leaves,gutters,sod and some small installation is what i will prob. begin with for now,in residential,around my neighborhood and new subdivisions.I know what customers to target,older couples,widows,etc.I am starting out with a TroyBilt rider,TB EZlink trimmer,small trailer,working on larger,needs new floor, and general lawn tools. I know from past I can get $40 mowing in subdivisions easy and add on extras from there, where I live there are also 2 to 3 acre lots where I can probably get more for mowing and extras.Give me some advice, see what ya think, thanks.
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    Do some searches for 'newbie' 'just starting' etc. Also read any and all threads/posts by Eric Elm. This site is quite an education.

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