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Just The Basics

I've finally decided to buy a software program for my biz, but I'm not quite sure which one to get. Here's my setup. I'm solo and currently have 55 accounts. I'm looking for a program that can keep track of services performed, whether they paid or not, and be able to print out invoices. I have no need for the scheduling feature. I've demoed Groundskeeper and Lawn Monkey and thought they were overkill for what I need. Thanks!!

Green Finger

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Ok is that a statment or question.

Right now the software might seem a bit overkill. But remember you are growing and you want to grow into your software programs and not out of it. Look into Clip. I went to the Clip Conference back in Nov and it was "out of control" (nice)


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Originally posted by BSDeality
i only have about 2 dozen clients and i use Gopher. I love it, i don't see how its overkill for you.

what is it thats "too much" for you?
$800 for Lawn Monkey!! I just can't see spending that much, when all I need is a simple generic program for under $200. Just not sure which one to get.

Team Gopher

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Hi All,

Thanks to everyone for the great recommendations. We truely appreciate that!

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