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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by P.Services, May 21, 2008.

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    many have asked if you would pull up for a estimate in a beater car or just a car for that matter. so let me ask, would you pull up to a estimate in some "flashy" truck/suv? i had some lady get all mad at a landscaper because he had a 2008 escalade when he showed up to give a bid. she said i got the job because he obviously doesnt need it. i just thought it was kinda low and rude on her part to even think that.

    i mean a new dump truck can be well over 100k so should i get the job the job because i have a old beater dump?
  2. landscaper22

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    Some people just worry about crazy things like that. She probably just figured his prices would be too high if he was driving around in that type of vehicle. I would be careful of customers like that. Sounds like she could be a problem.
    If you come to my house to give an estimate, I don't care if you come in your work truck, nice new family car, old car, bicycle, or scooter. That stuff seems so trivial to me.
  3. mattfromNY

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    Damn, I think in this town if you just SHOW UP you would get the job. I constantly hear about all the other guys that didn't show, or promised this or that but didn't deliver, etc. Not saying I'm perfect (far from it), but I've gotten a lot of work just for showing up when I said I would.
  4. kleankutslawn

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    i don't think it should matter but 2 some folks it does
  5. bohiaa

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    I would wonder too...

    first of all why was he in a car ?

    I'm so busy. in order to GO BACK HOME to get into a car would cost too much money.

    I'm sure that this guy does more than just give bids, Where's his truck ?

    in order to be a pro. ya have to act like one and in order to act like one ya have to be one...

    hummm, now who was it that said that ?
  6. nlminc

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    There's a new maintenance company in my area. The guy drives a souped up Hummer H2 with all the lettering and it's bright yellow...towing a trailer with lawn equipment. I would love to see his customers faces when he complains about fuel prices and has to raise his rates!

    To be honest, his H2 is probably getting about he same MPG as a pickup, it's just the image the H2 has as a gas hog.
  7. Az Gardener

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    I recently had a window guy come out and give us a bid on some new windows. He had a late model F-150 with a couple of sample windows in the back. It was clean and wrapped, seemed reasonable for the job. I asked him about his wrap and he went on to tell me he just bought a new Hummer and was having it wrapped.

    I jokingly made a remark about what his prospective clients would think about him making too much money. He got all pissy with me and said he had a right to make a good profit and could do what he wanted with his money.

    I must have pissed him off. He never sent the estimate for the windows and didn't return the my call. As the prospective client that could be paying for his new hummer I had my reservations. It would have been interesting to see how his bid compared. He obviously didn't need my money.

    The simple fact is most people are going to look at what you drive and make judgments. I think being on the conservative end of the spectrum is your best bet.
  8. Lawnworks

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    I know if I am getting an estimate on something for my house... hardwood floors, countertops etc. If they pulled up in a 70k vehicle like a Escalade... I will more than likely get another bid. I am not going to pay for someone's unnecessary overhead.
  9. bill8379

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    I had a boss in windows that would drive his Harley for estimates as well as a 1940 something truck all done up like a hot rod. His is the biggest window cleaning co. in the city and he hasn't cleaned a window in 25 years.

    For myself, I like to show up in a work truck. I would rather have someone show up that is successful looking then a bum in a rusty pick up.
  10. bohiaa

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    I cant figure the logic with this statement ?

    not sure with everyone else, but most of us know that any work done by any contractor. they have one goal in mind "any Business for that matter"

    the goal of all Businesses is to stay in business....

    what a person dirves, is NOT the issue, however I would expext to see a unskilled labor contractor pull up in a TRUCK....

    now, If there business has a 4 to 5 block building they work out of, with 40 to 50 employees. that could be an issue... IF indeed I was cheep and wanted a cheep job. I certainly wouldn't hire them...

    If I wanted a "it will do " job, I would hire the guy working outta his house, driving the 10 year old gas saving car,

    But rember guys.... you get what you pay for......

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