Just tried double blades on my Toro 52Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eddings, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. eddings

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    I haven't tried this out before now for fear of the extra wear and tear, but I was needing to mow my fathers lawn. I had put some fertilizer down last week and then a few days later we got a 4" rain. Needless to say the Bermuda went nuts and so did the crab grass. (crab grass is another story) So it was finally dry enough for me to mow and it is so thick and still wet that it is really bogging down. I have a mulch kit on it. So I drive back to garage and am ready to get out the 36" Toro to whip out the rough stuff. (no mulch kit on it) I started thinking this would be a good time to try the double blades. So I sharpened up three more blades and put them in the x-pattern. Started it up and fired up the blades. I could tell it was harder to get them moving, but once up to speed I had no problems at all finishing his yard in a much quicker time with far less double cuts and at a faster speed.

    I was really impressed.

    I am not looking forward to sharpening 6 blades each week, but if it cut my time mowing down it may be worth it.

    About half of my lawns are weed free and half of them are more weeds than grass. It normally doesn't bother me but wet crab grass is usually very hard to mulch.

    Is this a similar result to what you guys running doubles have discovered??????
  2. kpyoung

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    Just curious....what size engine are you running on your 52" Toro?
  3. eddings

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    I am pretty sure it is a 27hp Kaw. Liquid cooled.
  4. fergman

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    the blades need to make a plus sign+ not an x . theres no way i would try doubles on a mulch kit. take that piece of junk off and just side discharge. if the grass is growing alot try highlifts on bottom and gators on top. also try just double high-lifts. the more lift you put on,the more power your gonna lose. theres probably gonna be alot of blowout from the front of the deck slapping you in the face all the time so get used to it. i really dont think double blades are necessary year round. i used to think they was but after several years i started using singles again only when it was up in the summer and there wasnt that really thick tall juicy sappy grass everywhere and its ALOT more peaceful without the blowout and you can mow about the same speed as usual under the right conditions. your mulching alot of crab grass??? your a maniac bud. just discharge. if theres a little bit of grass laying around with doubles on,then its probably been thrown out of the deck far enough to spread it out evenly enough to where in the next couple of days it will look like its bagged. experiment with doubles. try different sets of blades together. youll find youll probably need different setups for different times of the year. like spring when its raining all the time,summer, and dry dusty fall.
  5. topsites

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    Nope, never ran doubles, I adjust blade height to compensate for the thick tall stuff, cut as low as I can get away with but a double cut has to take care of it.

    Awwwriiite, someone else knows about eating grass for a living.

    Odd though, the stuff blows in my face still comes out the side...
  6. fergman

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    no kiddin bud. back when i first started i always said i wanted so much grass to cut that i would wake up with it in my teeth...... so i ended up doing it:laugh: if youve never tried doubles then you absolutely have too. at least just to say you did. it hasnt hurt a thing for me just saved me alot of time and money. you gotta try it. somebody read one of my posts and they said they had found your cyber buddy or something like that?:hammerhead: what did that mean?:laugh:

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    I never ever heard of anyone ever doing double blades ever.

    SKAPES LawnSite Member
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  9. Sammy

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    Try it.
    You might like it.
  10. bohiaa

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    an x is a + ...............:confused:

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