Just tried my Accelerator XL 6.2 bagger !!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ENDURO, Apr 25, 2006.


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    This thing is an aluminum work of art! Very good design. Just lift it on and go, lift it off and dump into a 55 gal trash bag. The bag fits snugly on the back and 1 person can dump it with no problem. Full of mulched leaves and slightly wet grass, it felt like it weighed about 50 lbs full. Very wet grass would be heavier. No drilling, modification, or any attachments needed. The back door removes/re-attaches easily and instantly. It fills good if the grass is not too wet. If anyone is considering getting one, go as big as you can afford. This thing fills up very quickly w/ leaves or grass. I'm so glad I didn't get the small one. My 48" deck handles it great. It actually looks smaller in person than it does on the website. I think a 36" deck could even handle it fine. I almost thought they sent me the small one by mistake. The only complaint I have is the nearly $500 price tag, ouch. As long as I don't bang into any obstacles w/ it which I almost did already, I think it will last indefinitely.
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    regarding the banging into stuff...don't sweat it...i have rammed several things and it is barely dented...as far as dumping the bagger, i also use 55gal drum liners but i use a actual drum with the bag in it...i have the smaller bagger...two dumps into one bag...when i bought it i was bagging several yards...now only one and a half...

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    I'll bring my scale w/ me and weigh it this weekend. I'm almost positive it did not weigh near 100 lbs as I have a bad back and would never be able to lift if off and tip it up in the air to empty it if it weighed that much. I doubt it even weighed 75lbs. I can only assume that the issue w/ the equations used is that the grass is not getting packed in the bagger fully. It never really packs fully, maybe 80%. If you stopped every few minutes and removed it and tipped it up on end to pack it, it would definatly weigh more, but that would be a waste of time and energy. If your going to stop and lift it off, might as well dump it then. I'll post on Monday w/ the weight.
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    wouldn't the weight vary greatly based on moisture and material content???

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    I agree. I will be weighing it this weekend w/ dry grass. Of course it won't really be dry grass because dry grass would be dead grass.

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    OK, weighed it today full of grass clippings. The grass was 6 inches deep when I cut it so it definatly was not dead. The answer is 63 lbs. Much less than we thought. I even stopped once, lifted it off and tipped it all the way up on its end, and then re-attached it and mowed until it was full. Not sure how you got 103 lbs. If the grass was wet, I guess it could possible reach that number?
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    According to Cornell University researchers, green grass
    loose has a typical density of 300-400 lbs./cu. yd., and
    green grass compacted is 500-800 lbs./cu.yd.

    my link has the links
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    We bag grass on a daily basis, put it in a bin on the trailer to bring home. I fork it over to a second trailer, used only for hauling debris. Once per week, I take it to the dump for unloading. Therefore, I handle fresh clippings and also handle clippings that have sat in a trailer for a few days (ohhhh... how stinky!).

    I think the numbers given here are very good estimates. I know how much I have to fork over from my bin, and have a good feel for the weight. And, when I have three cu yds in my debris trailer, going to the dump, I know about how much weight I have on the trailer (having hauled other bulk material that has been weighed).
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    A customer watching me do leaves beamed and said that I had the operation down to a science. But I know that Peter Andonian and the guys at Accelerator deserve that credit.

    It is a superb product. After about 50 bags of leaves you are really glad you didn't get a steel one. At least I am because I'm no Charles Atlas.

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