Just tried Scag and Kubota today.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ertb, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. ertb

    ertb LawnSite Member
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    I demoed the Scag Tiger Cat 19 hp 48" and the Kubota ZG222 Pro deck. The Scag is $7200 and the Kubota is $6750.00 This is just my opinion,both are excellent mowers and suits my needs as a home owner. But the Kubota just seemed to have more features for the money plus I loved the PTO deck and hydralic deck lift . It also had less vibration when the blades are engaged. Plus the financing of 0.0% for 36 months. It just seems that the Scag is very over priced for a design that has been out for a while. By know means am I starting a feud, I have been set on buying a Scag for a long time but with the Kubota pricing,dealer support, and features I am 95% going with the ZG222. My only concern is the striping performance of the Kubota. Does anyone have pics or info on this? Thanks
  2. ALC-GregH

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    Personally, I think your better off with the Scag.
  3. ertb

    ertb LawnSite Member
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    There is not $500.00 difference in the Scag for me. They both have the same warranty and in my area the dealer support is far better for the Kubota.
  4. lawns Etc

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    The striping should not be a factor in buying, a crisp clean cut without clumps or stringers left and ease of operation and maintenance should be your main priority. Striping can be had in many ways via factory or homade kits. If striping is the main goal go Bobcat with their factory kit but either of the mowers that you tried will stripe well you may just have to try some different setups.
  5. ertb

    ertb LawnSite Member
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    Both mower cut great, but than again the turf was poor quality with 50% weeds.
  6. Shasta Lake Landscaping

    Shasta Lake Landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    I say go scag. Its a "design that has been out for a while" for a reason
  7. ertb

    ertb LawnSite Member
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    Also my current mower is a Scotts made by Deere 17.5 kohler with 42" cut, both of these mowers I am considering is a vast improvement in cutting quality and efficiency.
  8. mjealey

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    Yes, the Scag doesn't need design changes, becuse they do have it down pretty good and make great mowers. However, when you are talking reliability Kubota is just as good. They are very well made mowers, and reliable too. There are a good number of commercial guys running them, just not as many as Scag. I would say you are for sure going to be fine with the Kubota as they are really nice units. Being from the area and know what you are talking about over in Maryville, I for sure agree with you that you would get better service from the Kubota dealer.
  9. ertb

    ertb LawnSite Member
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    Also in Knoxville at both Mayo's Garden Center they will not go any lower then $7400.00. I told them I would write them a check on the spot for the full amount and still no lower.
  10. Scagmower48

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    Go with the kubota. It makes the cat look like a little toy. The Bota has a mower gearbox, hydrostatic system, wet clutch, hydro deck lift. Do worry about the cut, it is fine. I think it cuts better than my Scag.

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