Just turned in an Imprelis claim today

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jan 18, 2013.

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    "Arborist said" .........hmmm. Kinda like when a vet tells a dog owner "the lawn chemicals" gave it cancer. Then you ask the vet "which products caused it".... they NEVER have an answer. Too funny.

    I'd bet my bottom dollar that the "so called arborist" has no clue whatsoever wtf he is doing. Imprellis damage would have shown up by now.

    2 species of pines in your area are prone to micro-nutrient deficiencies (chlorosis). Eastern white pine and Jack pine. High pH soils often cause these 2 species of trees in the pine family to show poor growth, dwarfed needles, pale/yellow needles, as well as winter burn (scorched tips of needles).

    DA -- I'd tell that so-called "arborist" to 'show proof'. I doubt you will here from him again. (ambulance chaser). :walking:
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    Exactly, it dosen't sound like that "arborist" knew what he was talking about. Beetles, disease's, nutrient deficiencies and plain old mechanical damage were around long before imprelis was.
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    Thanks guys - I am not worried about this, if it *happens* to be Imprelis related, DuPont is on the hook. If its not, no one's on the hook.

    Do you think it is a good idea for me to ask my customer what Arborist he spoke with, then call that guy?
    My customer said that Arborist has worked with Imprelis claims in the area so he is aware of the type of damage I am afraid. But still, to just pin it on Imprelis for an app done 1 yr and 8 months ago is not real responsible.

    I guess the proof is in the tree pudding. Tissue sample would show the AI in Imprelis right?
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    I doubt that much Imprelis would show up in the tissue--especially 18 months later. Perhaps Dupont has their own arborist--who probably looks with a more critical eye. Essentially, if the tree does not have the specific symptoms of Imprelis damage, the claim is bogus. I am sure their arborist will try to find an alternate explanation: drought, salt, insect borers, needle cast disease, poor soil, cold, wind, air pollution. Here is a list of the top 8 white pine problems:
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    A soil sample near the affected trees would be more likely to show any residual Imprelis. However, winter time tip discoloration on easterns is not uncommon.

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    Do you think this could be a response to salt blown in by Sandy & road salt used during the October snow storm?
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    Are there any weeds near the tree? If so, probably no Imprelis in the soil. It degrades.
    Last year I got a soil sample from a friend who had some Imprelis-killed trees...tomatoes grew in the soil just fine. Take a soil sample in a flower pot, and plant some tomato seeds in it--inside under warm conditions. Tomatoes should sprout in about a week. I am gowing tomatoes on new soil for another new weed control experiment--they are about 3 inches tall at 15 days.

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