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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by burninbill, Oct 26, 2002.

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    I have a property that I do that is just under 5 acres. with little trimming however there are a ton of trees to circle cut(maybe 100). We bid the property at $90 when we first started 2yrs. ago.
    the property takes two guys on 60 str 1 and 1/2 hours. I do spray also and make out ok on that end of the bus. but the mowing is not to pretty. How would you guys go about adjusting the price with out dropping a $3000 spraying account.

    Thanks for the help

    Jon Walker
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    Communication is the key. Just go to the person in charge and speak to them. Have a plan in writing. Gas prices going up, insurance goes up, brakes, tires, yadda yadda, I have to go up too. Here's the new price.

  3. Inflation.....Happens to everything otherwise I could still buy a corndog at coney island for a nickle instead of $2.

    Also if your taking a bad betteing on the mowing the $3000 from spraying is keeping you alive on your mowing, if you loose both it will not hurt you, but replace it with something you are making money on.
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    My goodness. $90 for almost 5 acres. Holy cow, you are giving them a huge christmas present every time you mow.

    That is over 200,000 sq. feet. One prop I did was just under 100K for $375 a week. There was tons of trimming, like 3 hours for one guy. But still you are way too cheap even if it takes 2 hours to mow.

    Now the same prop. is like 225K (due to expansion) and the guy I sold my biz to is getting $600 a week. Takes 2 guys 10 hours each.

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