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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by DJ Contracting, Sep 2, 2005.

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    I dont know how many times ive said this but here goes one more time, in Canada we use mostly black mac, its not slipery, it does not ruin driveways, we are not scammers or gypsies, it does not wash away after 1 month. We do not cut it, we dont rob people, thats what people want, if I would go around using coal tar, I would be out of business because people dont want it here.
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    I,ll admit I've never done ant research into gilsynite or black mac. but I've been in the paving business in Ohio and Mass. for 16 years and have replaced many driveways before there time because of it being cut with diesel or kerosine. If you don't get those complaints and have repeat customers then more power to you. As long as your responsible for any damages done by your product and you stand by that product then you do it. Where I'm from people like coal tar and asphalt based sealers.
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    My understanding is that you want to use an oil based sealer because its supposed to replace oils that were in the original blacktop. Do you think there is any truth to that?

    I read a post here where someone said something about using a primer before they sealed. I've never heard of that before. Do you guys use some kind of primer?
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    No truth what so ever , try this experiment . take a chunk of asphalt and drop it in a bucket of oil based sealer , leave it in there for 2 hours , then do the same with coal tar emuslion or asphalt emulsion. This will answer your question.

    We have a system we use on parkinglots where we cut the mix on coal tar on the first of 3 coats as a primer , second coat squeege machine and third coat spray , second and third are mixed with sand
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    Hi Mdirrigation,

    Thanks for the reply. I don't have the components to run that test. Could you perhaps tell me what the outcome of the test would have been?

    What is the theory behind using a primer coat? Is the thinned out material supposed to soak in and saturate the blacktop more?
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    The asphalt will dissolve in the oil based sealer

    The primer is to get the material to get into the pores of the asphalt easier . Coal tar emulsion is a coating , it doesnt penetrate into the asphalt , it coats the asphalt .
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    So, how much did that set-up cost you? if you dont mind? please pm, me...

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