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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by howardsells2000, Mar 7, 2007.

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    i think this is something that we are all goin to deal with from time to time. i hear ya on the indian people....man they are ALWAYS out to get something for nothing...a bunch of cheap asses IMO. I cut this one indian lady's lawn(with was in a very nice upscale neighborhood) last year. I didnt get payed for 3 months. i sent her 2 or 3 notices in the mail and finally got a check.I had the same thing happen with another indian couple that owns a rental house that i mowed.Took FOREVER...I told myself after that i wont be doing anymore work for them. I did a mulch job for a lady a few weeks ago...good size yard....id say atleast 3/4 acre. took 16 yards of mulch...anyway when she was paying me (like i always do) i tried to get some more business so i asked her who mows her lawn. She said that a business mows it for $25:dizzy: i told her...well if i were you i would hold on to that as long as you can because i personally wouldnt touch it for less than $40. GAH that really pissed me off.these guys probably arent even licensed or insured. The way i look at it is they arent a threat because they wont be in business very long.
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    when i come across a customer like that i just tell 'em "you get what you pay for" then i smile shake their hand,give them a card, and walk away. but like a few of the others on here if/when they call back the price will be double, i don't wanna work for price hagglers cause when they cave and hire you for your price they b!tch and moan about every little thing and they are the very same ones who will call you while its raining and ask you where your at, when will you be there and they never understand that you don't(shouldn't) cut grass in the rain because its not good on your equipment and it looks horrible when you cut wet grass. they also tend to be the people who always has toys, tools, tree limbs, and other BS in the yard in your way. LOL, i run their BS over with the mower, i don't give a @#$% those customers are a dime a dozen
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    P.S. i make sure (if i see it in time) the BS isn't gonna damage my mower/blades. i have destroyed many many toys, balls, shoes, clothing, water hoses and sprinklers, dog leashes, cable tv lines LOL

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