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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CreativeLawncareSolutions, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Hey CreativeLawncareSolutions & everyone else — Wow! Just want to say thanks for all the kind words!

    We work really hard on making Jobber the best software possible, and providing the best service we can. It feels great when people notice and think we're doing a good job, so thanks!

    @Patriot Services: We have no affiliation with CreativeLawncareSolutions other than them being a valued customer. We would never risk jeopardizing our reputation here on LawnSite by trying to get away with something as silly as planting a mole.

    If anyone wants more information about our software for field service businesses you can find it at www.getjobber.com as previously mentioned in the thread. Jobber handles customer information management, scheduling, quotes, invoicing and billing, time tracking and a lot more, making our customers more efficient and competitive, and allowing for a higher quality of service and growth.

    Also as previously mentioned, you can sign up for a free trial with no credit card, have a look around, and then get in touch with our support team with any questions you have. We're currently working on some video tutorials that will help to showcase and explain the software, but we do aim to make Jobber as easy to learn and use as possible, so don't hesitate to sign up and give it a try.

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    So for those of you that use this is it built to take the place of Quickbooks? are you able to do payroll, quarterly taxes and all the other fun stuff? I am curious because we have just about had it with QB.
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    I tried Jobber for like a week and quickly realised it was lacking in features. Especially expense tracking. The UI is the fastest and cleanest I've seen though. I would strongly consider switching from SAP to Jobber if it just had more features.
  5. Jobber

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  6. Mark Oomkes

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    Big surprise.

    So does Jobber replace QB?

    How about a Cliff's Notes version?
  7. Jobber

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    Hey Mark Oomkes,

    In short, yes. Many of our customers have happily eliminated the added cost and complexity of QuickBooks in their workflow. Jobber handles Invoices & Billing, Payment Tracking, Expense Tracking and Reporting —*all the basic functionality most small/medium field service businesses use of an accounting system are covered by Jobber.

    Some customers still like to use Jobber in order to generate cheques for payroll or to amortize assets and other more advanced accounting functions.

  8. BetterLawns&Gardens

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    I think that was supposed to say "...still like to use Quick Books in order to..."
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    Oh woops! Thanks for the correction BetterLawns&Gardens. I did indeed mean to say "Some customers still like to use QuickBooks..." Doing too many things at once ;)
  10. kandalawncaremgr

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    I switched to jobber after trying to find a program fit for my company, I have to say that I was hesitate about switching because of the price. But I have to say the 34 dollars I spend a month is well worth it, There customer service is outstanding, I can truly give a five star rating to jobber and there crew, I had an issue because I messed up the scheduling and within 15 mins you guys had helped me out by resetting everything but my client list and balances. Thanks jobber your crew is great.

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