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    Just wanted to say hello :waving:,

    I've been viewing this site for a little over a year (it's been really helpful) so this fall I've decided to start into the business of the landscape industry. A little about me, i am currently 19 my back ground is in excavation/septic systems i am a licensed septic installer for my family's excavation company and i am a heavy equipment mechanic apprentice. In the winter months i work for a snow-blowing company which has been fun and offers a new challenge almost every weather event, this year will be my third season with them.

    Though i'm still young I've got a fair bit of experience landscaping, mostly i do a lot of topsoil work, landscape repairs (repairing fences, seeding, sodding, rebuilding or installing retaining walls, repairing walkways, restoring garden beds) grading work and brush hogging and i must say i enjoy it, at times though the muscles don't:laugh:. Currently i do most of my business with a land development/management company that deals with constructing/operating multi-residential apartments and commercial/industrial rental properties. most of my work revolves around maintenance and repair or installs, i'll post some pictures of my work in the pictures section if i can.

    My operation is me and another person when i need them but mostly me. i do own my own truck ( 09 silverado 4x4 8' box) I've had it for 3 years and being a ex-company truck its had its days but i love it anyway.
    As far as tools/equipment:
    - Husqvarna 125LD trimmer with brush cutter and roto-tiller attachments.
    - Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Blower.
    - Shindaiwa PS344 Power sweeper (ex-rental fleet).
    loads of hand tools and a solid pair of work boots.

    what i don't have i rent from the plethora of rental companies or borrow it from the Family business.

    i'm excited to start out in this industry although it is a bit daunting at times, but i have a great network of family and friends that have ties to or are in this industry. I hope to be an active member in this awesome community.

    - Tyler :canadaflag:
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    Welcome feel free to share your wealth of knowledge with us too it's nice to see a younger guy out here I'm 16
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    Welcome to LawnSite . And good luck in your new business...
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