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    First I want to say "thanks" to all the pros who post here. You have been very helpful with my selection process. This is a great forum. I'm not a pro so I try to stay out of the way. But I have 5 acres of bumpy flat ground with a lot of trees and out buildings. I've gotten tired of trying to upkeep this with two older Craftsman mowers that have been patched up with steel brackets from the hardware store -- bungee cords hold up the discharge rubber flaps. One unit has a bent deck from hitting a stump -- the newer tractor won't turn to the left. So I have been reading this forum extensively for a season and through the winter.

    I checked almost all the brands -- couldn't find a commercial Toro dealer anywhere near -- Scag was nice but expensive -- Gravely a good buy but the dealer gave them up -- Dixon too expensive for what they are -- Exmark just too expensive-- Dixie's just shaky looking. The new Cub Cadets were rusted sitting in the lot and the Tank was two years old.

    Grasshoppers looked nice and I settled on buying a used one but I still needed to check out John Deere. I did today and WOW -- the dealership is nearby and is huge. I looked at several used models that were turned in by a landscaper and settled on an 830A with 640 hours. It had the big block kawa with the 7 Iron 60" deck. The condition was almost new -- very little wear -- just on the deck wheels/rollers. The arm rests weren't even worn. It had the mods from the factory so it didn't need the rear weights, and still had some time left on warranty. I think this thing will last me forever.

    Dealer here: http://www.smithimplements.com/Dealer-Information/Store-Locations/Snead,-AL.aspx

    It was $6400 and I'm as happy as a pig in poop.

    Thanks to all,


    Hope, Indiana
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    so you're aware of the issues JD had with the 800 series? I would have never bought a 800 series. Good luck with it. Can you buy a warranty with it? As for the GH, it should treat you well.
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    I have a Z830a. Never had any problems. Love it. Has the best looking cut. Rides great
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    i almost picked up an 800 series, but all the negativity on this forum swayed me to stay with exmark. but i personally think the problems mentioned arent as big of a deal as people made it seem. good luck with the new ride.

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    Yes I read all the threads I could find and what I saw was that most of the problems were with the 810 and the 820. Most of the replies about the 830 were very positive. The dealer explained that some of the earlier models needed weights put on the rear and the handling upgraded because they were very difficult to control. He had 4 of those roped off and told me to avoid them (also because they were thrashed). He had several of them that he had upgraded and then the one I bought was a redesign I believe because it didn't need the weights or handling upgrade. It also has the 7 Iron II deck and a striping kit.

    I know Scag is great but the dealer just dropped all mowers and handed the line over to a new company. There isn't anything around that is as large as the JD dealer (farming area) and he's nearby AND the deck is rated very high or maybe the best. I was sold.

    There is more JD and Grasshopper support choices around here than any of the others.

    I did like the front mount Grasshoppers but they had lower HP for the money.

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    Contratulations! I am using my 830a almost every day now, and it is performing flawlessly (got 240 hrs on it). One thing I did pick up from some Lawnsite comments is that I engage the deck with the deck in the highest position, then lower the deck to the cutting height. This is seeming to work much better and I'm hoping for longer belt life as a result. Happy Mowing!!
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    BC, if you're happy that's what matters. Post some pics when you get the chance.

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