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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Herrick, Nov 18, 2008.

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    I figure he'll be making $300 (or so) a day.
    After expenses how is there room to pay a worker?
    Sure, he will make some profit for himself but at what point is it not worth doing? What about putting money a side for winter slow periods etc, non operating costs.
    That $300/day in itself isnt that bad for a days work (if your doing it every day of the year) but after you pay bills, put food on the table, bank some, put money a side for new machinery etc etc, all things that NEED to be done it doesn't leave much for play/life money.
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    Ok so based on your numbers provided, you think you'll clear $20,837 from this job (I disagree but will go with this number). Breaking it down by say 28 mows, thats roughly $745 per cut. Your estimating it taking you 3 days, so really your doing just shy of $250 per day. That might sound ok but, you should be able to do better on residental accounts. Thats only 5 accounts at $50 each. You should be able to do that many by lunch time. At the end of the day 12-14 is a reasonable number to do daily atleast for me. So you could be doing $600 (about $415 after expenses) a day doing strictly residentals. Thats why I say you left money on the table. Forget what others bid it, its like you are willing to take a pay cut for this one account. I still believe you will need atleast 2 other people (2 guys at just $10 an hr on a 10 hr day is $200 per day, an additional expense of $5,600). Thats the way I recommend you go, get it done in just one day and you should be able to clear around $545, that would also free up 2 more days to make more money. Time is money.
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    I don't know if I ever said anything in this thread, thou I do recall wanting to except I didn't know where to begin
    because there were so many things it was like, where do I start...?

    Then it gets to a point I feel like folks might think I'm always pounding down up on the new guy or the guy who just made
    a mistake, and I know I'm no better than anyone so it's like, why say anything, just let it be, maybe it will work out and if it
    doesn't then it's just so much in terms of experience and later giggles.

    But I am glad someone has started to see what I've been thinking...
    That is:

    Personally speaking if anyone can gross 30k in their first year that's all fine and dandy, that is actually darn good for
    a first year solo maybe even with one helper, but my first problem is putting all the eggs in one basket.

    I learned one thing in my early years, and that is the rules of business exist for a reason,
    I think one of my main mistakes was assuming that since I owned my business that the owner
    could break the rules, not to mention I wasn't exactly the one asking for that, but I found out
    the hard way it boils down to break a rule and it hurts...

    There's more, such as dropping a load of money on equipment for ONE job.
    These are not just things we don't do, here again we don't do this because of a reason.
    You break any one rule and it hurts, break several and you tell me how this is going to work out :p

    Because really the biggest problem is that the HOA has this Lco by the gotchas, tell me...
    If I were your one and only customer and thus your sole source of income, what would you not do for me?

    That is scary, what with 30 grand on the table...
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    Good luck to you. I certainly hopes it works out well for you.

    Be sure to talk Matlock and Murder She Wrote with all of those residents and you will keep them happy. :)

    I posted to keep up with this thread and see how it works out for you
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    please update this in a year or so and let us know how it went....I think you're going to loose your azz, but maybe not.....
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    I really wish I could get $50 a pop for 5 accounts and have them done by lunch... that'd be awesome... but not realistic in my neck of the woods... my average is around $35 a pop, and I can do around 10 in a day. Yeah that's more money per day, but more windshield time, more time spent in the office, more headaches... there's some tradeoffs.

    I'll keep everyone updated... and if things really go that bad, I'll admit it openly. I know everyone is itching to tell me "told you so!" :laugh: :drinkup:
  7. Sammy

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    It does not look like 40 acre's to me.
    More like 25-30.
  8. chocula

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    Actually, I like to pull for the underdog.
    I hope you do well and can post back here and say you learned a great deal, should have bid more, but still did well.

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    Sorry couldn't read all the posts. To much negativity around Christmas.
    Sure it will be tough, good luck!

    My advice, first of all if the complex is 40 acres then you have 20 acres or less of grass(from the picture). Do what ever you have to do to get it done in one day. If that means hiring a couple of guys, then do it and use them to expand your business the other days. It will be a good learning experience,
    Good or bad.
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