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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Herrick, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. larryinalabama

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    Herrick I think ypu will be just fine. You should be able to make an sdditional 30 to 40 k on other accounts, THAT SURE DOES BEAT WORKING FOR THE MAN.

    If it were me I would bust axx and do it in 2 days even if it took 14 hours per day. Then I would go there every day, make it one stop on my route, and look everything over and at least work 45 minutes. That give you the appearance that your there everyday and will land you the account next year.
  2. jcthorne

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    If nothing else, you're going to learn a valuable lesson on this one.

    If I can give you one piece of advice without hammering you, it would be to get it done in one day. Tenants will not tolerate the noise for multiple days a week throughout the summer. It well reduce the quality of living in what is supposed to be a retirement community.
  3. eddie12065

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    first of all i want to say good luck. i cant really tell you how long it will take to do but if the last company took 55 hours its hard to believe youre gonna be able to cut out 25 hrs a week off what it took them. 30 grand a year gross is about 10-15 grand a year net. so 30 hrs a week, 26 weeks= 780 hours a year. even at 15 grand net that nets you about 19 dollars an hour, ok i guess. but thats if everything runs perfect which we all know it never does. say it takes you 50 hours a week now youre making 11.50 an hour. plus do you have a backup mower? what happens if your mower goes down for a day or a week? now ive been in the business 15 years and i made plenty of mistakes and learned many lessons along the way. i hope all goes well for you and this is not a learning experience.
  4. GrasMstr

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    If you will make the money that you need to live and you are happy with that then Congrats. Each person has their own perspective on what they want and require.

    I personally would not have bid that low but I am not you.(High maintenance family)

    Again Congradulations and good luck. Full time is awesome.:canadaflag:
  5. dishboy

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    Equivalent of 70 1/3 acre lots, sounds like 50K to me and more hours than you are stating. Do you think Grandma and Grandpa are not going to notice when some trimming gets skipped? Old eyes have nothing to do but watch the lawn guy, it's the highlight of the week.
  6. zeroturner

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    Congratulations on winning the bid. I can tell you are really motivated to do a good job. I think everyone on here is pulling for you, but the reality is that most of us who are solo operators and who have been doing this for years feel that you have indeed underbid yourself for this year. But, that is ok, just do a great job, and use this year to gain experience. Next year when it comes time to bid you will be able to make adjustments and possibly get more money. If not, then you have gained valuable experience that will help you with bids in the future.
  7. wacamaster

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    Wow.. I got out of the business 1 year ago and decided to come take a browse at good ole lawnsite. I would consider the business I had to be on the upper edge of most. Very profitable.. about 70 accounts (loyal customers) all in a VERY VERY tight route (35 in one neighborhood) and we'd chop em out in about 25 hours grossing about 2500/week for 3 days work. I couldn't really see doing any better then that..maybe I'm wrong, but the problem is there's always a guy like this that will come in and lose his ass. He'll be gone next year but some other rookie will take the hit. The mowing industry will just never be that profitable with so much competition.

    BTW.. I gave it up to go pro at poker and haven't looked back. Only problem is I mowed too long!
  8. All_Toro_4ME

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    Hey wacamaster, any tips you can give on poker? Im going to vegas in december for christmas.
  9. wacamaster

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    If you can't spot the sucker your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.
  10. All_Toro_4ME

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    lol thats awesome!!!

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