Just won a big one...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Herrick, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Green Pastures

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    Good Luck!

    You CAN do it, but you are low for what I would get in this area.

    I would bring 3 guys (total of 4) and get the whole thing done in a day.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    thats roughly 810 hours a season to mow that place. after taxes , fuel , insurance , maintenance on mowers , and gas you will be lucky if you make $15 a hour. if i were you i wouldn't be too happy about landing that job at all.

    P.S. with what you are doing with your mower in your avatar you might what to figure wheel motors into your expenses.
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  3. delphied

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    Yeah, I figured that picture pretty much said it all too!!
  4. LwnmwrMan22

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    Don't worry though.... if people keep hearing over and over and over about how many 10's of 1000's of jobs are being lost, we'll be happy to be making $15 per hour.
  5. delphied

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    Ill be hitting the iron rails like they did in the 1930's. No work for no pay. Ill see the USA from the open door of a boxcar.
  6. justcamman

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    I must say congrats. I have 2 patio home complexes that I cut and here are a few things that are time savers if you want them. Mulching kit on your mower keeps your blowing time way down, much cleaner look and cleaner beds and pavement. Hire an 8-10 dollar clooege kid and teach him how to weed eat...those 2 things will make you more profitable......
  7. justcamman

    justcamman LawnSite Member
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    By the way I will promise you this! There are 70 plus residents and there is noway to make 70 people happy! I get complaints eery week from the same 3 people at my 2 accounts. They will find something anything to complain about. I have 100 residents at my 2 complexes and 3 complainers pretty good. I know people will say do it better well Not possible to make these 3 happy and anyone that does patio homes have these people. My complains range from a few grass clipping in a mulch bed, to i trimmed to close around a downspout 4 units over to I was there to late or to early to i was a little off on my striping dues to groundhog trails or you can name it. I have had both complexes for 4 years they pay 750 a week combined at 32 weeks a year.......Try to get the community to sign a multi year deal at 5 % in crease each year due to expenses and inflation....good luck again by the way my worker gets 12 bucks an hour and we cut both patio homes in 8 hours total....
  8. Carolina Cuts

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    next to cleaning houses and washing windows.... starting up a lawn service is the easiest biz to start.. and with all these lost jobs.... more and more lawn services will be popping up... uninsured and taking cash....:cry::cry::cry:
  9. Herrick

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    My avitar is an old mower, and the second of two times that was done. I'm getting really tired of the roast...

    Thanks to those who are providing helpful information!
  10. Currier

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    Two years ago I picked up an HOA. Abought the same $$ as you are talking. It only covered a 6 acre area not 40. That account took 24 man hours to mow. Three of us experienced, efficient, and not afraid of work. The place had been neglected to say the least. (We have done HOA work for several years = know what we are doing)

    We came in a busted like crazy. It took awhile and exhausted us but we had it looking great. The residents loved us. They would stop and tell us thanks, the place looks great, you are doing an awesome job.

    However the HOA board had two or three folks on it that figured they could whine and gripe and make us do even more. They would nitpick and gripe about anything because that is the kind of people that they have chosen to be in life. Up until they started in with their nonsense we loved the challenge of that account, everything edged, trimmed neat, and pristine. After their gripping it lost all flavor for us. I told them to find someone else, but they didn't want that. We continued to do great work, they eventually offered us a 3 year contract. I told them absolutely NOT. (those leopards would not change their spots)

    Last year they went through 4 different companies.

    My point(s):

    Being in one place for that long every week is exhausting and can control you. The mowing took three of us 8 hours, but then there was irrigation work, weed control, etc. Always something else that needs done.

    No matter how good of work you do someone is going to try to play you. It sounds like the manager already is, I'd tell you to watch out for him but he will do what he will do and you won't be able to stop it.

    Sometimes growth will kill a business. I lost two great employees that following winter. The first outfit that took it over after us had payments cancelled and were threatened with a lawsuit. They only lasted a month ot two.

    It is easy to think "This account will make it for me" In reality no account will make it for you. Hard work, good business decisions, lots of luck, and God's grace are all you got.

    Good luck with that account. Make sure you know where some other eggs are buried.

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