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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by d_charters, Apr 11, 2013.

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    I priced a job for sod. Pull up old. lay topsoil. resod.

    Sent coustomer the quote and his reply was sorry decided to use somone else.

    Here is the e-mail corrospondance start at bottom.

    I feel I should have gave him the heads up and at the same time should have lef it well enogh alone. What are your thoughts?


    Thank you for your input.

    as a caution, one cubic yard of top soil covers 100 sq. ft. 3 inches deep. 3 yards of topsoil will cover 300 sq.ft. I measured your yard at 1398 sq.ft. ThatÂ’s 13 yards of topsoil to return the lawn to its original height if they dig down 4 inches. Please make sure they do not hold you liable if they need more than 3 yards of topsoil.

    I apologize for intruding on there quote. I just want to make sure you are not taken advantage of.


    Hi Dan
    the cost was about $100 less but the scope was more. they will remove 3-4 " of dirt, bury the drainage pipes , add 3 yds of top soil, and they are insured.


    No problem. Thanks for considering us. If you are comfortable doing so we always ask what the price you decided to go with was, and if the scope of the work was the same as what we offered, as well as if the company you decided to use is insured?

    If you would rather not disclose this information we completely understand, we just like to try and keep our pricing at a fair market value.


    thank you for your quote but I have decided to go with another company
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    Maybe the other contractor is a friend, who knows? Obviously 10 yards of dirt and the labor is well worth 100 bucks. I'm not a fan of burying cheap corrugated downspout extensions. In our area it seems to have been all the rage in the late 90's, based on the number I've dug out and replaced with ridgid since you can't snake the corrugated. So IMO you're probably giving them a better value.

    I'm not a LCO so I'm not sure how much my opinion counts but I don't think you're at all out of line. Maybe they'll call you back to topdress or regrade what sounds like a subpar job in a few years given your extra effort.
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    I dont think you are out of line. Most homeowners really under stand comparing quotes and "scope of work." I stay away from the apples to oranges comparison , and tell them they are comparing apples to apple cores.
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    You had nothing to lose,,, and everything to gain, so go for it... :)

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