Justifying a mini skid?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by RedSox4Life, Dec 23, 2013.

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    x2... this is spot on
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    As the past owner of a bobcat mt50, 2 ditch witch sk650s and 1 sk755 I'll say that bobcat's unit is defiantly NOT junk. The mt are very well built and we had great dependability out of ours. That said the platform idea is just stupid. Walking behind a machine is also stupid except in a handful of situations.
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    I dont think you would ever go back to a walk behind unit after trying these.....its small but can work hard all day and do the work of a full size skid, even if it takes a while.

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    Even a small skid wouldn't really fit my needs as well as a mini. I've considered it.
    I own an older mid sized mustang. I use it around the yard, it rarely goes out on a job. Reason being it just doesn't fit the type of work I usually do.

    I would never even consider a walk behind unit, a platform (a GOOD platform) is one of the biggest selling points. I've rented the bobcats and had no problem with it. The platform was a little funky tho, I'd prefer something that has me standing inside the tracks.
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    Those are nice! But in super tight spaces i still think a walk behind is better, they are smaller and you can guarantee that you wont hit something when reversing.
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    We own a skid as well as a vermeer 600 tx diesel.
    The mini has added infinite value to us.
    Tight spaces, easy travel. Versatile.
    Anyone can go grab it at shop.
    To us it was an expense at $10k with 450 hours.
    Do it!
    It will save you time, labor, body, and will add services you may not offer now such as moving heavy objects, difficult situations such as steep grades materials hauling etc. even things you can do but hate could now be done easily.
    We are in mass as well. Bought ours used up in northboro at the dw dealer.
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    I have stated on here they are great but we rent so far but with our skids, sometimes, you are just limited. We did 300 trees with a 2 ft auger on a mini - no way for a skid, up hill, down hill, side hill, drainage areas, ect. No way we could of used a handheld auger or dug them all by hand. These units over time will add value to the business....making me think maybe we need to purchase!!
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    For what it costs to rent one if you use it at least 20x a year there is more than enough justification. Around here they run around $150 a day. For a while I thought about renting one but you only can justify the price for all day jobs and not those that only take a part of the day.
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    I have a mt 55 and I love it. The fact that it has the odd mounting plate is why I got it. No one near me rents mini skids, but they do rent full size skids and attachments. The mt55 mounting plate will work on full size attachments. I have a few of my one but i have rented augers and demo hammers that are designed for full size machines and used them on my mt55.

    I am in irrigation and use the machine for all kinds of stuff. Most recently I have been working at a horse arena installing a new system. We have used the mini to move the 6" and 4" PVC around, back fill trenches, lower ductile iron gate valves into place, and we made up a box that we would put all our tool and parts in and move it around the site where ever we were working. Check it out http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=416688 I am sure you will put it to work more than you thought you would if you buy one.

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