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    For some reason i can't send a pm. Do you use commerical mowers and what model number are they? Have you ever tried using a billboard? I know you said that you are passing out 1m fliers how many have you done so far? Also do you have your customers sign an agreement for charging their credit cards? Also does your Act Program go seamless with QB? Why do you not use 32" mowers is it because of the maintence or because you can't use it when it rains. Do you think you can get justlawns to come to this forum?
    Thanks in advance for your answers and for answering all the questions in the past.
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    You cant PM because you are a new member....there is a minimum number of posts you must have in order to pm.
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    Just Lawns does not want to be overwhelmed with questions. The only un answered question not answered on Lawnsite is, no, Act is not seamless with QB. Do a "justmowit" search & read for hours.

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