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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by porterb123, Jul 15, 2004.

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    I am new to this forum...thanks for being here. I purchased a used JD JX85 in really good shape...paid 150. I went to a local shop that seels JD equip. and the guy would not give me the time of day regarding info. on this mower. Is there an online site to download an owners manual? Any info. as to the quality of this unit....also there is a brass fitting that looks like a quick connect for draining oil on the side of the motor...am I missing the other half with a hose to keep from getting oil on the deck.
    Any info. would be appreciated.
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    Get a JX75 manual. The mower comes with a soft plastic hose about 12" long, that fits over the brass fitting. Put the hose on the fitting, then loosen it. Tilt the mower and the oil will run out. The JX85 has an oil filter, so it might hold more than the JX75. The differences in the mowers are the deck edge guards, ball bearing rubber wheels, oil filter, and better height adjusters. I bought these height adjusters(for JX85) and put them on my JX75.
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    Thanks Bob. I can download the JX75 manual.

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