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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Squizzy246B, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Squizzy246B

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    We just picked up a 3100 psi petrol driven pressure cleaner (thats gas for you clowns who call a liquid gas:rolleyes: :) ). Anyway, it has a 9hp Robin/Subaru engine, is still under warranty and has hardly been used. Got it for grand...thats $740 US. It retails here for more than twice that.

    Whats the opinion of K,archer. I always regarded it as cheap junk for non-commercial work but this thing is a beast. Its taking caked concrete off my mixer stand that been there for years.

    Like the 9hp one shown here:

  2. thepawnshop

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    I always thought of it as junk as well, but I mostly just see the littel homeowner yellow ones in my pawnshops...which by the way, I wouldn't ever make a loan on those. But the one you have, I would definately own. Proof is in the performance and if that thing cleans like you say it does, you got one hell of a good deal!
  3. oldrustycars

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    i worked at a shop that sold Mi-T-M pressure washers, we lost lots of sales to Karcher. they seem to have a homeowner line for washing patios and siding, and a pro line for actual work. some guys noted the big electric units only ran when you squeezed the trigger, the motor shut off when you werent using it. they were the only ones who did that at the time.
  4. qps

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    homewoner units....had a piece of equipment with a robins engine on it ONE...time....:hammerhead:
  5. Gravel Rat

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    I know Squizzy has me on his ignore button :laugh:

    Most pressure washers used here now are 3500-4000 PSI at 4 imperial gallons per min with 11 and 13hp Honda engines. I wouldn't buy a pressure washer that didn't have a Honda engine they are the most reliable 4 cycle small engine on the planet.

    After been doing powerwashing for the last 10-15 years or so I have found most powerwashers are created equal. You look at the brand of the pump you will probably see the same pump used on other brand power washers you are looking at. The pump should be a piston pump that has a oil gallery for lubrication. Cat pumps are the best then there is General then there is the italian made pumps which are good aswell

    Back when power washers first become popular a 3000 PSI with a 11hp Honda used to run around 4000.00 dollars now they are down around 2500.00 the 4000psi with the 13hp Honda is in the 3500 dollar range thats CND funds.

    After using a 4000psi washer I wouldn't go any smaller the 4000 PSI washers are brutes you have to be careful or you can do some serious damage. When your washing heavy equipment or marine vessels that have 4"s thick of growth on the hull you need some power.

    The brand of engine on the powerwasher really counts if its got a Briggs and Stratton engine or some other brand besides Honda you are going to have trouble with it when it gets more than a year old.

    Last thing to leave with you is watch out for your water supply if your on a drilled well you can easily suck it dry. Also your hose size feeding a 3000-4000 psi power washer will suck a 1/2 garden hose flat so you have to use 5/8s or even 3/4" food and beverage line which is reinforced clear flexable tubing.
  6. Squizzy246B

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    Can't say I'm a big fan of Robin but one of our subs has a Robin on his plate compactor...12 years without missing a beat. I would much prefer the Honda engine like the one in the link I posted. However, beggars can't be choosers and this thing goes really well. Apart from our equipment we pressure clean walls we have just built. With natural limestone you can blow the stone away if you get too close.

    Honda is the king of small 4 strokes in MHO. Got the new Jumpin Jack coming out on Monday with a 3 hp Honda engine on it.
  7. Dirty Water

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    We ditched a old Onan engine on one of our Ditchwitches for a Honda...they do make great small engines.
  8. Squizzy246B

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    Can't believe nobody picked up on my smart A#rse remarks about gas...what...am I losing my touch...somebody has to provide the amusement round here:rolleyes: :)
  9. Dirty Water

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    Do you guys actually call it a Petrol station?
  10. Gravel Rat

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    I had some tourist the other day from England ask me where the nearest petrol station I said the nearest gas station is 30 mins down the road.

    I usually don't make fun of peoples accents/different way of saying things its rude especially to tourist.

    Isn't it in New York they pronounce oil as earl or something like that.

    The one thing that makes people laugh is when people from the UK as for f@g and they get a strange look when they actually want a cigarette :laugh:

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