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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Casey jones 1, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Casey jones 1

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    Hello, I am going to install a sprinkler system in my yard in the next couple of months and have been doing research on what sprinklers I should use. I have come up with K-Rain, and Hunter. Any good suggestions or pro's con's on these brands. Also is it worth the price difference to buy online, or go to a local supplier? Any challenges to buying sprinkler parts online i.e. warranty customer service?

    Casey Jones
  2. DanaMac

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    If those are your choices, go Hunter. If you're a homeowner you might not be able to buy at local suppliers. Don't buy Home Depot or Lowes junk. Warranty online will be difficult.
  3. hoskm01

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    Ditto what Dana said. Are those your only two choices? Theres a lot of other stuff out there.

    Why not consider Rain Bird and Hunter? Irritrol makes a few good items too, but not much better in that line than Hunter or RainBrd
  4. allinearth

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    I knew someone would bring up Rain Bird.:rolleyes: Go Hunter:cool2:
  5. bicmudpuppy

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    WHERE are you going to get the parts? If your shopping on-line and your positive they are selling professional grade products, then the question becomes very similar to the Ford/Chevy/GMC argument to replace your car. If being able to get local warranty and advice means anything (or is even an option), then the question gets simpler. A search of this site will find the Hunter/Rainbird/Irritrol/Toro question beat to a bloody pulp. The question gets down to the most basics of basics when you figure out the WHERE, not the WHAT. IF you can buy a professional grade product locally, I encourage you to do so. A local supply house should be honest with product and be there if you have problems. I used to fall into the same Toro basher that most of the guys here can be, until they integrated the Irritrol line. If a Toro supplier is your best choice for service, don't be afraid of S800 rotors, 570 sprays, 250 series valves, and a total control controller. A Toro supplier should be able to get you Irritrol 2500 valves as well.

    Rainbird and Hunter choices are here in enough repetition to let you make your own decisions.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    Aww, give the Stream Rotors a tout, willya?
  7. Mike Leary

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    Oh yah, saw some on sale at the Napa store the other day. Plastic arc disks, though; is that o.k.?
  8. Waterit

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    There's a place right across the street to get pipe,too

    Bama and haircut 034.jpg

    Bama and haircut 034.jpg
  9. Stuttering Stan

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    K Rain all the way. I knew somebody would come over to the dark side. While your at it, look into lawn belt!!!
  10. mitchgo

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    Hahahah! No Freakin way!

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