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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by 94gt331, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. 94gt331

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    Those mini skids are cool but i allready have a deere track loader315 i could put a backhoe on that. But I'm not a fan on the hoe attachment for them at almost $9,000 grand. It's an option though. Thanks!
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    I rented the bobcat the first time not knowing what it was capable of exept that it would fit where I needed it to work. I was shocked pretty much across the board on how it worked. of course it's a tiny machine and no comparison to a larger one. The little machine definitly was much more productive than shovels. it was smooth, strong for it's weight, good controls, and hardly used any diesel. I rented it for 2 more jobs that followed doing the same thing. on the fourth job the bobcat was rented out and i picked up the kubota from another rental place. It didn't do anything as well as the Bobcat which I didn't expect. much less stable, much jerkier when travelling, hydraulics not as smooth. it also seemd to struggle more at max depth coming up with a full 12" bucket. on these jobs we were cutting concrete, then loading and taking it away, excavting down to drain lines replacing bad pipe, backfilling and pouring concrete. next time i will try the jackhammer attachment for breaking up the concrete. Hope this helped,
  3. 94gt331

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    Thank you very much for your comments!
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    In my opinion I would get the next size bigger machine. Your productivity will probably almost double compared to the mini mini. I ran a U17 kubota last summer and I think that's about as small a machine I would want to purchase. Unless all you will be doing is the very small jobs

    Kind of funny I thought the exact opposite about the bobcat I had rented last summer, but liked the kubota a lot. Personal preference I guess!
  5. treemover

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    I do the same work as you mentioned, except for planting shrubs and I am running a taki tb135, and most time I want something bigger. I have been looking at going with a deere 60d and a 17d. 17 seem pretty good, not sure how that compares to what you are looking at
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    We own 2 418 bobcat mini mini's. If you need to work in very tight spaces like we do, they are outstanding. Very strong for their size and will outwork and outdig just about any amount of shovelers and won't complain while doing it. We use them mainly for trenching and they have been flawless for us. Compared to the kubota they are leaps and bounds ahead IMO. You have to try one out and see yourself how it performs. Bigger is nice, but only if you have the room to do operate it. For tight spaces there's nothing better than the lil 418 Thumbs Up
  7. AEL

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    Bobcat 418 compared to the kubota machine of the same size the bobcat is much better. As for getting more guys with shovels instead of a machine , just remember rarely does a machine call in sick, complain, take smoke breaks every 20 minutes, show up drunk or stoned, show up late, leave early etc

    I strongly recomend going up one machine size and getting a u17. Bought a brand new one last year and put just under 100 hours on it because I rarely need a machine that small . Machine is very very strong for its size, I have a large bucket on it and it handles it no problem. Also have a hammer I bought for it and it handles that thing great.
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    I'm with tss, even if you pay a guy 20/30/40k per year and instead you buy an excavator, you now have that labor "free" besides fuel and maint for the next ten years. I would rather have 4 pieces of equip and two guys on a job than 6 guys leaning on shovels. Plus they work in the rain cold and dark
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    Well i went and talked to the 2 dealers on those 2 mini's, and they talked me out of those machines. They said for what I do I need a bigger machine so I'm looking at some bigger machines now or maybe I might just buy a backhoe attachment for my skidloader to save money I guess. I keep ya'll posted when I make up my mind.
  10. alldayrj

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    Backhoe attachment is terrible. You're better off renting. Its like having a box of spoons when all you need is 1 knife
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