Kabota or Ferris Zero Turn?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JR4059, May 25, 2011.

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    Hello all. New to this site. A lot of great information here.

    I am debating between tow Zero Turns. This is for my personal residence. Mowing about 5-6 acres.

    I want a 60 inch deck, I think most are 61 now. Gas engine.

    Looking at the Ferris IS2000 with 61" deck and 26HP Kawasaki engine. The other is a Kabota, model escapes me, but has 60" deck and 27HP Kabota gas engine. Kabota can be had with rear or side discharge. Please advise on that too.

    I've had two Kabota tractors and love them, but they are a 70hp and 50 hp tractors. Not a Zero Turn.

    I like the Ferris, as it has 4 wheel independant suspension. Only about $500.00 difference in the two. Kabota being the more expensive.

    I've had a Scag Turf Tiger in the past. Loved it. I just am in a position between the two brands above. I have a trade in worked with both dealers already.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

  2. bamaturf

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    hey i've got both. is 3000 25 kaw 61" deck kubota zd326 60" diesel. large cutting areas seem to be bumpy so the shocks on the ferris seem to be the best
    choice.i've got the shocks set on the lightest notch. i like the kubota diesel too,
    better fuel mileage and it will last longer,more power better cut dispersion. it has a transmission so no drive belts . the ferris drive belts have to be changed
    out 200-300 hrs cause they start slipping, also the ethanol eats up kawasaki
    carbs. running tandem mowers the ferris will outrun the kubota if its hard ground and the kubota gets to bouncing.
    good luck
  3. JR4059

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    Thanks. I like them both. The bota is gas, but is in the diesel model chassis. I'm up in the air. I have a great relationship with the bota dealer byte ferris dealer seems very interested in customer service too. My wife's back is not the best, so the suspension on the ferris is attractive. My kabota experience has been great. Tough choice!
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