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For sale is an older Ryan Greensaire II. It is functional and operational.

36 holes / sq ft or more with the quad tines.

Lots of work recently done including cam gearcase cleanout, oil, some springs replaced, lots of new seals, engine oil and gearbox oil, etc.

Hydraulics function good, engine runs good, clutch works good.

Transport and tines only mode won't work - possibly needs linkages adjusted. Neutral and aerating mode works.

Has brand new tires that all hold air. I am including a lot of extra parts - a few 5 gallon buckets full. Also lots of various extra seals, and bearings. Extra wheels.

All sorts of different tines - hollow tines, side eject tines, solid tines, quad tines. Lots of extra tine holders including quad tine and the extra large diameter normal ones.

Working condition now but it is pretty old and will require continuing maintenance going forward. Sold as-is.

I can send more pics on request. Located in Kalamazoo, MI. I am willing to deliver or meet for a small fee but probably best if you come inspect it first.

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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