Kanga G-524 Honda Engine Problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rick427, Feb 3, 2008.

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    A friend just bought a Kanga G-524 at an auction. Price was WAY low, so fortunately he has a lot of margain left over for any needed repair bills. Nevertheless we're trying to get her running by spending the minimum of $$$, but still get the job done RIGHT.

    The previous owner had done a number of idiot-rigged electrical cobbles to the Honda GX670 engine. Without going into extreme details, this included bypassing warning functions, lots of crimp-on splice connectors covered by partially unraveled wraps of electrical tape, too-small wire gauges of any random colors, and an ignition stop-switch tied in to only ONE of the two spark coils, which meant the other was always hot. So to stop the engine, I guess it limps along on one cylinder until you pull the choke knob to kill it!

    We have the wiring diagram of the Honda engine. Plus a service manual on order. Have put enough of the wiring back together (properly) so we now have spark at the plugs and a working starter. Gas is definitely going through to the carb. However cranking produces no kick at all. But we do hear a muted, "phoof, phoof, phoof" through the carb throat, and can feel pressure pulses coming out at regular intervals (bad!). Firing on the overlap stroke? Haven't done a compression and/or leakdown test because of limited access to the plug holes by the frame.

    So I've got two questions:

    1) Do these engine symptoms point to anything that might possibly be a cause?

    2) Anyone know of a source for a Kanga operator's manual and a service manual other than through Kanga? Trying to contact Kanga directly so far has not gotten us any response.


    - Richard

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    On the engine I would pull the valve covers and inspect all moving parts then check the rocker adjustments, I don't have a service manual on this engine but most large block single cylinders are .006 intake .008 exhaust @ TDC Comp. Stroke.

    On the Kanga manuals, You may have better luck going through a dealer;


    BTW, I'll bet it was a trick getting that thing out the back of that truck not running !

    Good Luck
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    neat little machine, didn't know other mfg's made dingos :laugh:

    Some simple tests are I assume you do have fuel in the tanks and the shut off valve is open and have replaced the fuel and air filter, new spark plug(s) likely would not hurt and neither would an oil and filter change thou you might just make sure there's enough oil in it, this engine may have low oil shutdown?

    If it still doesn't start you might try putting your hand flat over the exhaust pipe to restrict the flow, then crank it and see if it fires up, some older Hondas this trick would, well I don't know what it does other than some sort of air compression that keeps more mix in the cylinder but I've had luck before this way.

    Maybe get a can of some $1 starter fluid as well, this stuff is rough on an engine so just a short burst or two that's it, if it still doesn't start come on back.
  4. Bill Kapaun

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  5. rick427

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    >BTW, I'll bet it was a trick getting that thing out the back of that truck not running !

    Restrorob, we'd originally planned to get it running while in the bed, then offload down a pair of ramps onto an upslope (to keep the ramp angle shallow).

    But as often happens, reality interfered, when the engine required more major work than we wanted to do while still in the truck bed. So we used a 4,000 lb. cherry picker to snatch the Kanga off.

    Thanks for all the info - we have the project on hold for a few days until the service manuals arrive.

    - Richard




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    Here's an update on the Honda engine, since we now have the engine service manual in hand and have worked on it for a few days.

    Model Number is GX670. We've re-wired most of the machine back to original specs to discard the cobbled-up mess that the former owner idiot-rigged.

    Compression measures 120 PSI in both cylinders. (Good!)

    Valve lash was very close to specs. (Good!)

    Ignition timing close to specs. (Good!)

    Fuel is getting to carb and into the intake manifold. (Good!)

    Spark is yellow, not blue (Bad!), when plugs held outside cylinder, but both do spark.

    Regulator/rectifier module tests out bad following the service manual ohmmeter testing instructions. (Bad!)

    So here's my take. Spark seems weak but plugs will fire outside the cylinder. But maybe with the extra stress of compression, the plugs will not fire on the compression stroke when installed in the cylinders. However plugs will fire weakly during the overlap stroke due to the "wasted spark" design of the Honda engine, firing at every TDC. So maybe the intaked charge just sits there unburned until the overlap stoke, then gets partially ignited and backfires out through the carb, which is what we've been experiencing. Whaddaya guys think of this reasoning?

    Regardless, a new module seems to be the logical next step. Thanks for all your help - anybody had similar experiences with these 24 hp Hondas?

    - Richard
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    so, just wandering what is considered a good price? I found a 2006 model with very low hours for $2500 and was wandering if this is a good deal.
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    That guy in the blue looks like Jack Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska.


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