Kansas city has hit all-time low in "lowball bids"

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    $750 total per cut of 27 ac/5000 headstone cemetery * complete with hard edging, any trash pickup, blowing...all within 5 day period, no weekend cutting. Anybody think that city park mowing is getting people rich? Lol...didn't think so. Kansas city: You've hit rock bottom and you're in for a long summer of going through contractors while the cemetery suffers in quality.

    $100 for 5 inner city, ghetto parks filled with trash and whores and drugdealers. Yep...$100 gross before any expenses...3 acre total, hard edging, trimming, trash galore (looks like mini city dumpsites), mowing, blowing, and keeping your equipment from being stolen and/or yourself from being shot at. Worth it to ya, guys? Any takers?

    Next time you want to venture into the city bidding game, think of the numbers i just gave ya. These fools are just making payroll, covering expenses until the next check arrives in the mail. Nobody's making any money better than $5 per hour when it all comes down to it. Think about that. These guys have 15 mowers, equipment all over the place...make less per hour than minimum. Why do you think most city landscapers live in dumps, have nothing personally, and drive used up cars? They make nothing cleared. Their net is terrible. They pay peter with this week's city check and hope that next week's pays Paul's BP gas card.
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  2. grassman177

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    comlete idiots and that is why i only choose to work where guys like that are not welcome
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    Who's Paul?.. j/k
  4. Richard Martin

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    I'm surprised the city even pays someone to cut the grass with the serious financial problems they're having.

    In the meantime, the city is cutting services across the board. In March, the city decided to shut down 28 of its 61 schools in an attempt to close a $50 million budget gap, and the city council has approved a $15 million cut to the police department, slashing civilian positions and stretching the existing police, Funkhouser said.

  5. Hell on Blades

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    I went to a bod meeting for something like that last year. They published the winning bids for the last 12 years. They were down to 22.50 per acre, bagged at the pool.

    I didn't even turn one in.
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    nope, we stopped years ago now as they prices have gone below what we can even operate at. dont know how anyone else is doing it besides losing money. i guess that is why there are so many new contractors each year!

    hey OP!!!!! is those prices from Shawns law and landscape? i know he does only large municipal accounts, has all kinds of trucks and mowers and stuff, but is a super low baller and i know he is in a financial bind from his stupidity in low pricing. he does parks and other things down there in the city, but is from up here.

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    Leave the city, school and cemetary bids to low ballers. They have allways been under cutting thier work and they dont last. We sell mowers to them every year thinking they are going to get rich doing some job part time and realize they cant hack it.

    Id laugh all the way to my next good paying job.
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    What is crazy is you would think after you lost your shirt the first year, you would get a clue. OH know, they just go at it again next year. After a while they are out of credit and can't make there payments and pay the workers. What does it take to make some people learn.
  9. delphied

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    Well by Goshh, if you guys are too good to work for your money, go down and get on the govt dole. You guys are just afraid of a little work. When I was young, we did this stuff for fun. Not for money. Thats the trouble with Americans today. They want it all handed to them.

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    I dont thinkt that the topic of the thread was to say they dont want to work hard for money. They want to work and be properly compensated.

    It hits a point where you do your work for so little money that after your said and done all you have done is wasted your time and added hours and wear and tear to your equipment for no proffit.

    I give all the respect in the world to guys in this industry who have figured out how to make thier business work for great proffit. I dont look at them as greedy. Or that they are looking for a handout.

    The first couple years as a dealer I might as well been down at the soup kitchen helping out for no money. And yes I complained when my competition was under cutting me and I was looseing money to keep my brands on thier trailers. I wasnt looking for a handout though. Just wanted to keep my light bill paid and keep food on my table.

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