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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Popper357

    Popper357 LawnSite Member
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    I have some stuff for sale.
    A like new lesco backpack sprayer, $50
    8000 Redmax BP blower VGC, $400
    04 Redmax comp shaft trimmer w/ new gen head $200
    02 Trimmer traps, holds three (need cut off the trailer) $100
    Oregon Blade grinder, new in 04 $125
    Almost full gallon of Momentum post herbicide (1.5 ounce to a gal of water)$25

    Switched to Landscaping after four years of mowing. Looking for work so if anyone wants to sub or refer out some small jobs please send it my way. I can mail out info and business cards so you'll be ready. I'll trade equip or give kickbacks etc. Looking for lawn aeration, soil, mulch, gravel installation, garden tilling, planting flowers trees and shrubs, small jobs etc. And if anyone wants referals send me your info and cards and we'll work together. 816-679-3296 Ryan
  2. Popper357

    Popper357 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 217

    Sold the blade grinder.
  3. Bennett H&L

    Bennett H&L LawnSite Member
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    hello all im in overland park ks 71 and metcalf just me been mowing for 4 years now and now starting land scaping work so if anyone needs some mowing help email me at yjrockcrawler@aol.com if getting backed up or wana go on a vaction lol and i found a good place to dump your tree waste at marrs like 20 to 30 a truck load not bad thanks all
  4. Mowgli

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    Anyone in Johnson county area that does fertilizer only, please E-mail me @ bigmowgli@yahoo.com. I have few clients that need fertilization program.
  5. capitallandscapes

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    I do fert in joco. Let me know what area. Also, anyone interested in mowing and weed control on yard at 26th and Euclid KC Mo.? Too far out of way for me and not in the best "hood". Let me know.
  6. cleancutccl

    cleancutccl LawnSite Senior Member
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    In the lawrence area so anyone with sub info for Lawrence or Eudora just pm me. Thanks.
  7. Envision

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    I have a lawn in Independence that needs to be mowed on a somewhat regular basis.. Very nice people, hate to leave them hanging but my friends that live by them are moving and it is too far away for me continue to service their property. It is up by 24 hwy and 291. If you are interested, I'll pass your information along to them. Call me @ 816-665-3979.

  8. Popper357

    Popper357 LawnSite Member
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    "26th and Euclid"

    Yea, that's the hood.
    I used to mow some vacant lots down there my first year. I was scared as hell driving around there with my rig. Place might as well be mexico :dizzy:

    That place is going to be dangerous this summer.

    I had a guy call me twice in the last couple days from a house at 16th and Kensington, told him both times that I don't leave the suburbs. Is that discrimination? I don't give a :angel:

    He said "Business must be good because nobody wants to come here for work?"
    I hate just driving through that place.
  9. packerbacker

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    Your right down the street from me. Im at 74th and Conser.
  10. packerbacker

    packerbacker LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I had a gal call me from 14th and Quindaro a few weeks ago! Not a snowballs chance in hell I would go down there.

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