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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. KC lawn guy

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    anyone go to the expo and see the wright mid size z i have been hearing about?
  2. Regankc

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    FLC2000, I've been clearing snow for 10 years or so, but only on our commercial properties (primarily small apt bldgs around the Plaza). Generally, we clear once per storm.

    Never been able to get the economics to work for residential. I'm sure there are homeowners who would pay $100 to have their drive and walkway cleared and treated, but I don't even want to pursue it, fearing I'm going to end up with a handful of properties that become a nuisance.

    For commercial, I price for clearing and chemical treatment separately. The clearing will increase with the accumulation. 4"-6" = 150% of clearing bid. 6"-8" = 200%, etc. On some properties this is set at 4" intervals.

    Is anybody structuring their bids different from this?
  3. Regankc

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    I need to subcontract snow removal work on a small lot located just north of the Nelson Art Gallery. The lot is approx 5000 sqft, enclosed by buildings and parking garages. There is no place to pack the snow in the lot. Thus, it needs to be carried out of the lot and dumped in a vacant lot across the street. It requires a bobcat, which I don't have.

  4. Envision

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    In my experience with residential snow removal in the years I've done it, homeowners typically only want it done once per event and like one price. Sort of like mowing, most charge the same in the spring as they do in the summer, regardless of rapid or limited growth.
  5. FLC2000

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    Thanks for the replys guys. I think Im going to hold off till next year on the snow. I have about $7000.00 saved up and I think Im going to use it as my nestegg for the winter so I dont get backed up.

    I did take $1000 of it for a steal on craigslist. Picked up a fairly new dual axle trailer with trimmer racks, backpack blower racks and a water cooler rack from a guy who is going out of business. Made off like a bandit.
  6. paolaken

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    hey all, been awhile since i've been on here. everyone ready for snow? doesn't look like we will be getting anything tonight but out west look out. i really don't want snow till after the first of the year.
  7. All_American_lawn

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    More than ready for the snow! Even more ready for march, miss that money! If anyone needs any subs for either driveway, or sidewalk work or mowing next season feel free to call me! 816-646-1648, names Bobby, I own All American Lawn & Snow, west side of the metro, service Johnson and Wyandotte counties.
  8. cod8825

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    Who thinks that it is going to snow tonight?
  9. teamgreendude

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    When I was out today at a lawn cleaning leafs it didn't look like it might snow, I sure hope it does I want some snow!
  10. wright5223

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    If it does it does I'm just glad that I'm not some of these guys going out and buying new snow plows sitting by wishing it snows
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